Sevconian Dictionary


Bluenose  person or persons who followed glasgow rangers deceased.Charles green  crazy mad yorkshireman fae Yorkshire as crazy as a coot,as mad as a hatter,genuine funny guy   D.o.b.s           dirty orange b…..s  HistoryHistory: What a doolally bastard from Yorkshire (see also: Charles Green) tells the knuckle draggers he bought with his money when in reality he squandered it on a small 3rd division club from Glasgow.. Hun bigot.or orangeman,loyalist,royalist,with caveman like tendances…  Ibrox park The shitpit,the shitdome,castle greyskull,piggery Jabba biased reporter from daily  rankger who now does the sevco media his dream job establishment ass kisser Knuckledraggers Knuckledragging humph scratching cave dwelling Zombie Flesheating mutants, aka Sevconians  Loyalist  inbred brain dead zombie Parasite UK  rangers oldco sevco newco term to describe anyone associated with hunery from ipox park,the shitpit,the shitdome   Reality  What you face when you cheat and don’t pay your taxes (see also: Sevco) Rangersfootball club deceased now defunct 1873-2012  Sevco pheonix club off old defunct rangers,same old parasite values,a disgrace    to scotland, pie eating huns, tax evaders, swindlers, shite football team,dobs Sevconians   followers of sevco be it normal zombies to higher up the foodchain in media and TV,and football àuthorites Tramps   sevco supporters dat sleep wive family members  Zombies  term used to describe parasite UK(sevco) supporters Shysters-tax dodgers,dirty low down thiefs,downright dirty

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