Celtic Programmes

Welcome along to my new page on the blog celtic programmes …il be adding to the library from time to time..so keep checking back for new content last update 7th sep 2014…………..hh

i hope you guys will like the new addition to the blog,im trying to keep things as fresh and new as i can by adding new features and pages..

some of the programme pics are really good quality and are a great for collectors i may incorporate ticket stubs to the collection as well ,for now its programmes so enjoy and please share on social networks  etc …

God Bless hh

20524  20532 Celtic-Croatia-12.08.98 Celtic-Hapoel-16.09.99

4 Responses to Celtic Programmes

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  3. Maclad1888 says:

    no idea on that one paul ,im sure it would be valuable though especially from the 50s ,best to get some proffesional advice on that one hh


  4. Paul says:

    Hi mate I have a 1954 wee green book in mint condition do you know how much it would be worth?


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