Rangers: Mike Ashley funding deal staves off administration


It’s been a while since I’ve cast a thought to sevco 5088 why because I don’t see them as relevant, it’s hard to take the tribute act seriously along with their crazy………………….. dillousional..fans..i still follow the titbits of news on the Internet and the daily rags but to be honest there a distant memory, you see Celtic have moved on and are so far ahead of Them that the thought of a return to the big leagues for sevco5088 fills me with the need to piss myself laughing…

The fun continues down Edmondson way where they stutter daily trying to survive it’s really a disaster waiting to happen,the funny thing is 2 and a half yrs into the demise of big brother rangers, tax cases are at appeal and cases against the dead club are still on going, it’s said that it will take 5 yrs to sort out the mess of the oldco,this is the dream scenario for me personally,if the tribute act can survive the next few yrs…the pain of the oldco will come back to haunt the bastard club, hector the tax man won’t dismiss the chance to recover monies owed…..

1902962_653200214722480_498350144_n   34q8tqb
While Ashley and kings consortium’s fight over the Bones of Charlie greens sevco the uncertainty continues on whether the ailing tribute act can see out the month of November financially with wages and overheads due,what always surprises me how a club can survive like this for 1 season far less the 2 and a half of sevco5088 s existence, anyone who’s not perhaps clued up on the govan clubs affairs may have come across this post and be asking who the he’ll are this sevco5088 mob…..

Well let me enlighten you their a club formed early 2012 from the ashes of the once premier league club rangers football club who were Administrated then Liquidated, they play in the same stadium wear the same strip, but don’t be conned by there dillusionary fans it’s a new club a new history and there a disaster waiting to happen,the events of the last 2 and a half yrs have been a comedy cavalcade to follow,off the park the infighting has been ongoing daily…………..

On the park there have been a few shambolic events in divisions 3 and 2 from previous seasons, now there struggling to keep up with Hearts who top the championship ………….9 points behind already and in a dogfight for a playoff place, the team is held together by a group of hasbeens,hatchetmen,conmen,and betting cheats….and a manager in ally mccoist who is. Clueless and tactically nieve,the next few weeks if not months will be an interesting period……….


when you’ve witnessed the death of one of the most vile disgusting institutions in Scottish football history, it’s refreshing that the phoenix club of that institutions very existence hangs in the balance, how many happy moments can a Celtic fan have in one period, some might think me bitter to want sevco5088 to die I want justice not too much to ask when, big brother rangers conned the taxman out of 140 million quid of taxpayers money and continues to claim the same club moniker………….

il be happy when they remain no more and ibrox is raised to the ground only then will I believe justice has prevailed,im just hearing as I write that Mike Ashley has gained control of sevco and is putting in a 2 million pound bridging loan and they were according to sources just 48 hrs from a liquidation event. ,the next chapter in the sevco5088 saga has begun…hh god bless

Richard Gordon was joined by Chris McLaughlin, Richard Wilson, and Tom English, as they discussed the Newcastle owner Mike Ashley’s loan of £2million pounds to Rangers – which according to one senior Ibrox source was just 48 hours away from going into administration.








Sevco Penalty Awards —————– Total–6
Players Sent Off From Opposition Team—Total–6
Player Booked From Opposition Team—-Total–88
Sevco Players Booked——————Total–42
Sevco Players Sent Off——————Total–1

Stranraer 0-2 Sevco5088
25th Feb 2014
Booked,Robertson,Gallacher,Stirling Stranraer
Booked Perleta,Sevco5088
Referee,Euan Anderson
Sevco5088 3-3 Stenhousemuir
22nd Feb 2014
Booked Higgins..Stenhusemuir
Booked Black,Mccoullouch,Cribari,Tempelton
Referee..Greg Aitken


Ayr 0-2 Sevco5088
15th Feb 2014
Booked Hunter,Gilmore,Lithgow,Malcolm,Kyle
Referee..John Mckendrick


Sevco588 2-1 Brechin
1st Feb 2014
Booked Mclean,Petrie,Walker,Barr Brechin
Booked Mccoulloch,Moshni
Sent off Moshni Sevco5088
Referee Stevie o Rielly


Sevco5088 3-2 Arbroath
25th Jan 2014
Booked Hamilton,Cook Arbroath
Booked Black,Sevco5088
Referee Barry Cook
Penalty Sevco5088 Scored McCoullouch


Forfar 0-2 Sevco5088
Mon 20th Jan 2014
Referee,Stephen Finnie

Sevco5088 2-0 Eastfife
Sat 11th Jan 2014
Booked.Thom East Fife
Booked Little Sevco5088
Referee.Don Robertson

Stenhousemuir 0-2 Sevco5088
sun 5th Jan 2014
Booked,Devlin,Mckinley Stenhousemuir
Booked,Law Sevco5088
Sent off ,Parletta Sevco5088
Referee..Bobby Madden

Airdrionians 0-1 Sevco5088
Thurs 2nd Jan 2013
Booked Bain,McAleer,Lister,Blockley,Parker,Mclaren,Airdrie
Booked Black,Moshni,Sevco5088
Referee,Greg Aitken
Dunfermline 0-4 Sevco5088
Mon 30th Dec 2013
Booked Geggan,Young,Falkingham Dunfermline
Booked ,Moshni,Aird Sevco5088
Referee Craig Charleston
Sevco5088 1-1 Stranraer
Thurs 26th Dec 2013
Booked Faure,McCoulloch,Sevco5088
Booked Mitchell,Robertson,Bell,Mckeown ,Stranraer
Sevco5088 Penalty McCoulloch
Referee Andrew Dallas

Sevco5088 3-0 Ayr United
Sat 8th Dec 2013
Booked Hunter,Gilmour,Mclaughlin Ayr United
Booked Black Sevco5088
Referee Euan Anderson

Sevco50888 6-1 Forfar
Tues 3rd Dec 2013
Booked Andrews,Campbell Forfar
Penalty Award Sevco5088 McCulloch
Referee Crawford Allan
 Falkirk 0-2 Sevco5088
Sat Nov 30th 2013
Booked Millar,Roberts Falkirk
Sent Off McCracken Falkirk
Booked Clark Sevco5088
Referee Brian Colvin

Arbroath 0-3 Sevco 5088
Mon 25th nov 2013
Booked ,Travis,Chisolm Arbroath
Booked Black,Moshni Sevco5088
Referee Iain Brines

Sevco5088 2-0 Airdrie
Sat 9th Nov 2013
Booked,Boyle,Bain,Blockley,Coogans .Airdrie
Booked Sevco5088,Black
Penalty Award Sevco5088,MccullochThe Ibrox side were awarded a spot-kick on 63 minutes after David Templeton was fouled by right-back Gregor Buchanan and McCulloch fired home his second penalty in two games.
Referee..Don Robertson
Sevco5088 3-1 Dunfermline
Wed 6th Nov 2013
Booked Black,Mccullooch,Moshni Sevco 5088
Booked Millen,Whittle,Young,Byrne,Moore
Sent off Moore Dunfermline
Penalty Award Sevco5088 McCulloch
Referee-Stevie O Reilly
East Fife 0-4 Sevco5088
Sat 26th Oct 2013
Booked Brown,Buchanan,johnstone,East Fife
Booked Perleta Sevco5088
Referee Stephen Finnie
Brechin city 3-4 Sevco5088
Sun 19th October 2103
Booked,Smith,Mclean,Anderson,Trouten,Brechin City
Sent Off,Trouten Brechin City
Referee,Craig Charleston
Ayr United 0-2 Sevco5088
Sunday 6 th October 2013
Booked: Roberts, Kyle, McLaughlin.Ayr United
Booked: Mohsni.Sevco5088
Referee: Bobby Madden
Sevco5088 8-0 Stenhousemuir
28th September 2013 The Shit Pit
Rangers took the lead within three minutes. Ian Black, back after serving a three-game ban for breaching Scottish FA regulations on betting, crossed for Daly to head home.
Stenhousemuir-No Bookings
Sevco5088-No Bookings
Ref: Brian Colvin
22nd Sep 2013
Forfar 0-1 Sevco5088
Forfar Booked: Templeman, McCabe, Iain Campbell.
Sevco5088 Booked None
Ref: John McKendrick
Queen Of The South 0-3 Sevco5088
17th sep 2013 Chipshop Cup Q/F
Sevco5088 Booked.. Bilel,Parleta
Queen Of The South Booked ..Higgins Yellow Higgins Red
Sevco5088 5-1 Arbroath
14th Sep 2013
Sevco5088 Booked ..None
Arbroath Booked : Hamilton, Erwin.
Ref : Crawford Allan
Sevco 5-0 East Fife 31st Aug 2013
No Sevco Bookings
Booked : Tuta, Jonathan Stewart, Johnstone, Thom.East Fife
Ref : Alan Muir
Airdrie 0-6 Sevco 23rd August 2013
Booked: Blockley, McCormack, Buchanan.Airdrie
Booked: Macleod.Sevco
Referee: Stephen Finnie
Referee Stephen Finnie did not give a penalty when the ball hit the arm of Rangers captain Lee McCulloch from a long-throw, then Airdrie’s Jim Lister watched his effort go over after some neat footwork.
Stranraer 0-3 Sevco—17 August 2013
Sent Off: Aitken (72). Booked: Docherty, Robertson, McKeown, Aitken, McKenna.All Stranraer
No Sevco Bookings
Ref: Craig Charleston
Sevco 4-1 Brechin City—10 August 2013
Booked: Hegarty.Sevco
Sent Off: McLean (81). Booked: Trouten, Anderson, Smith .Brechin City
Penalty Award- Ian Black- taker scores from Rebound
Ref: George Salmond

Forfar2-1 Sevco5088
Sat 3rd Aug 2013 League Cup 1st round
BOOKINGS: McCabe, Kader. Forfar
BOOKINGS: McCulloch.Sevco5088
REFEREE: Calum Murray.

Albion Rover 0-4 Sevco5088
27th july 2013 Chipshop Cup R2
ALBION ROVERS ..Booked: M. Dunlop, Innes, Nicoll
Sevco5088..No Bookings
REF: John Beaton


Fairytale of Ibrox (A kind of Justice)

It was Christmas Eve Babe, in the Tax Office
Old Hector said to me, they won’t see another one
They really cooked the books, the Blue Room’s full of crooks
A penny to a pound that Hector shuts them down,
‘They put a fiver down, I’ll go ten’ said the clown
He had a feeling that the big cup could be won
He really splashed the cash on chancers who were gash
He promised better times but all their dreams were screwed

They had Flo and Sebo, they had Gazza there too
They had fans who’d fit right in at Edinburgh Zoo
They had high hopes of winning the Champions Cup
But they stumbled and fumbled and fecked it right up
There was Kaunas and Malmoe and Maribor too
And into the shame’s net the goals simply flew
And when Minty was Skinty and his bubble had burst
He told Uncle Walter that he’d lost his purse

The Bhoys at Celtic Park were singing ‘The Reaper’s on his way’
And the bells were ringing out on Judgement day
They were bust, they were done and the rebels had won
When Whyte increased their debt by a ton
Then they offered old Hector a crap CVA
We knew it was soon going to be judgment day
The Bhoys at Celtic Park were singing ‘The Reaper’s on his way’
And the bells were ringing out on Judgement day

They fell into their tomb, the shame had met their doom
The Zombies fantasise their club is still alive
But they’re now a tribute act trying to deny the fact
They’re Sevco now you see, stuck in Division three…
The Bhoys at Celtic Park were singing ‘The Reaper’s on his way’
And the bells were ringing out on Judgement day.

Rangers FC Official 2012 Album Tracklist:
1: Borrow Borrow (We Will Borrow Millions)
2: God Pay The Queen
3: The Cry Was No Reminders
4: The Cash My Father Owed
5: Penny Blockade
6: Simply In Debt
7: We’ve Remortgaged Derry’s Walls
8. Hullo Hullo (We Are The Baliff Boys)

  1. If the Glasgow Rangers ever win the Coronation Cup – they will be the 2nd Scottish club ever to do so.
  2. If they ever beat their deadliest rivals 7-1 in a major domestic cup final – they will be the 2nd Scottish club ever to do so.
  3. If they ever reach the European Cup Semi-Final 4 times – they will be the 2nd Scottish club ever to do so.
  4. If they ever win every competition they enter in one season – they will be the 2nd Scottish club ever to do so.
  5. If they ever reach the European Cup Final – – they will be the 2nd Scottish club ever to do so.
  6. If they ever reach the European Cup Final with eleven home bred Scots – they will be the 2nd Scottish club ever to do so.
  7. If they ever reach the European Cup Final twice – they will be the 2nd Scottish club ever to do so.
  8. If they ever WIN the European Cup – they will be the 2nd Scottish club ever to do so.
  9. Having won 9-in-a-row – it must be a great feeling to know that for the NINTH TIME IN A ROW – you are and always will be 2nd

Could you help to save Glasgow Rangers Football Club ? Just by donating £1 per calender month you could be helping a Rangers player be fed clothed & washed. So please donate now! This appeal Is on behalf of the Help A Hun Association or (HAHA) for short
Rangers have signed the 7 dwarfs,
alough sneezy and dopey have voiced concerns about dwarfism and beastiality at ibrox


A chink of light..? Not with Whyte,
Sorry tales, no ticket sales.
Sink or swim, looking dim,
Huns are fuming, while Whyte is assuming.

Big tax bill, Huns have had their fill,
False starts, heavy hearts.
VAT owed, money woes,
Book money spent, Police were sent.

Sad stories of tainted glories,
Nine in a row got, but respect was not.
Huns cry ‘foul’, Whyte throws in towel,
Their is history’s in the bin, if they go into Admin.

Huns are unhappy with this criminal chappy,
No understanding of bills outstanding.
No players bought, sanity is sought,
What went wrong, will be written in song.

Dont be so mean, and pay your Queen,
Will they go bust..? Of course – its a must..!
Ahead of R*****s are serious dangers,
Lot of money spent, now its not being lent.

Favours are needing as hearts are bleeding,
Makes a good story, for Tims its glory.
Tims are smiling, Huns arent beguiling,
Whyte is dreaming, Tims are beaming.

Whyte cant be serious, Tims are delirious,
Success was tasted, Money was wasted.
Fat Sally has passion, but works under ration,
He suffers delusion from Whyte’s intrusion.

… just another day down Govan way..

The Rangers Liquidation Files 1873-2012



They come from bonnie Scotland but they bow to Englands crown ,
They really are a mixed up bunch ,They let there country down ,
There racists ,thugs and bigots and we all know there name ,
There fans of Glasgow rangers and there known as scotlands shame




Roses are red violets are blue rfc players are gone on the brew haaa haaa

Following on from Broxi Bears dramatic deadline day transfer to Edinburgh Zoo – Rangers chairman Craig Whyte has announced that the clubs new mascot will simply be a fan dressed as a giant cheque – he shall be known as Bouncy Bouncy…


you sing that your a billy,
while we all sing hail hail,
well be singing your so silly,
while murray rots in jail.

it goes far many years back,
while we were stuck a bit,
youse still didnt pay your tax,
and now your in the shit.

you cheated all the other teams,
while singing loyal and blue,
your books werent what they seemed,
and now her maj is after you.

you say your rangers til you die,
but hector came a knocking,
now your lucky if its rangers til july,
and celtic park is rocking.

we thank you secret agent whyte,
and special agent miller,
they really put you in the shite,
and thats the fecken killer.

but now your dream is over,
and your club has come to pass,
you can just bend right over,



I call you,when i need you, but the cheque books on fire

The taxman’s coming to me, coming to me, it’s getting wild

They come to me, bills from the HMRC!!!

Give me a lifetime of VAT bills and a world of screams….
And 10 point deductions well you know what that means….
Well it must be wrong, The Celts are laughing all day long!!!

We’re simply depressed, more debt than all the rest, more bills than anyone, anyone I’ve ever met!

The courts have no heart, they say that we have had our day!
Tear us apart, most Huns would rather be dead!!!!

More bills come at the start of every night and every day
And the amounts are so high, there’s just no way we can pay!
Just as long as Hectors here I rather be in any other place…

Repeat Chorus:

Each time the bills come i start losing control, this time next week we’ll all be signing on the Dole, i can feel him even when i’m alone, oh Hector, please just go!



Shares in Rangers are suspended
Shares in Rangers Football Club are suspended from trading on the Plus stock exchange for failing to…produce accounts on time..

Where have they gone ….

Member associations – UEFA rankings – Club coefficients – UEFA.com
Europe’s football website, uefa.com, is the official site of UEFA, the Union of European Football As..

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  2. thats the point of me charting it pal,it going to show a clear bias for sevco5088 come may hh


  3. tccokey3 says:

    I think the above says it all.


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