In the 16 campaigns from 1903/04 to 1918/19,celtic won the championship eleven times(with a six in a row sequence from 1904/05-1909/10)and the scottish cup six times

When Celtic beat dunfermline 9-0 in 1928,jimmy mcgrory scored a world record eight of his sides goals…

The uefa cup defeat of Liverpool at anfeild in 2003 meant that martin o neils men were unbeaten in 11 games (both friendly and competitive on English soil )

“Every time we played Rangers I hated them, I wanted to smash them into the ground, nothing else mattered.”
Chris Sutton in his biography (2011)



  • After Celtic Legend ‘Charlie Tully Scored Direct From A Corner during a scottish cup tie with Falkirk in 1953,The Referee asked for the kick to be taken again-and watched in amazment as cheeky charlie scored again….


  • In April 1916,Because of fixture congestion,celtic had to play 2 games in one day,After DefeatingRaith rovers 6-0 in the afternoon at celtic park,they travelled to fir park and duly beat motherwell 3-1 on the same evening…..


  • Not one of the nine in a row league titles was clinched @ home alough 1970/71 would have been but for celtic park recontruction work ,the game was switched to hampden…..


  • In all competitions henrick larsson scored a total of 242 goals for celtic,including 15 hat tricks and 15 old firm goals ,all post-war club records….




  •  ”he carries as many injuries and illnesses as any player who plays half the games that hes played”Martin o Neil Speaking About Neil Lennon ….


  • On jock steins instructions ,as the celtic and inter milan players took to the feild prior to the european cup final of 1967,the scots broke into a chorus of ‘the celtic song’….


  • ‘its up to us ,to everyone at celtic park now,to build our own legends”’jock stein ,May1966…


  • Under martin o neil celtic played a total of 190 spl games ,losing only 15 of them ….




  • right up until the last game of season 1947/48 ,the very real possibility remained of celtic being relegated…..


  • from start to finish of nine in a row(1965/66 to 1973/74)celtic scored 868 goals in 306 league matches ,averaging 2.8 goals per game….


  • ‘theres no other place in europe like celtic park and il never find anythingelse like it’henrick larsson…




“What I noticed when I walked into the dressingroom was the jerseys hanging on the pegs – the colours seemed special. I think it was the sunlight, but the jerseys seemed like sparkling Green and White like I have never seen before. They looked special.”

Bertie Auld before the Lisbon European Final in 1967

“I felt McGrory of Arsenal did not sound right. It wasn’t like McGrory of Celtic.”
Jimmy McGrory, in 1928 – Celtic’s greatest ever goal scorer on when he turned down the chance to join Arsenal. They had offered him a blank cheque.

Can you get me a Celtic shirt?”
Roberto Baggio Italian superstar and World Player of the Year to his friend Paolo Di Canio when he signed for Celtic

“Wim Jansen is one of only four men in the world worth listening to when they talk about football.”
Johan Cruyff Dutch football legend

“Is it OK if I give him a skelp if he steps out of line?”
Jock Stein to Billy MacNeill’s mum when he signed for Celtic in 1957. She agreed !

David Tanner (Sky Sports) “Chris, just what is it that has made Celtic Champions this year?”

Chris Sutton reply: “We got more points than anyone else”.

“You cannot afford to rely on history, you have to make it.”
Martin O’Neill former Celtic manager

“Big Jock used to drive down to see our games in Manchester. He would always bring down rolls, square sausage,, macaroon bars and Irn Bru for me and Denis Law.”
Paddy Crerand Ex-Celt who had been transferred to Manchester United

“Nakamura is such a good player he could open a can of beans with his left foot.”
Steve Perryman Former Spurs player



“The incredible thing was the people, for an opposition player it is quite incredible, i have not seen a better atmosphere from the grounds I have visited.”

Steven Gerard 

“When we played at Celtic Park for Bayern in the Champions League it was unbelievable and I think all our players said the same thing afterwards. The atmosphere was just totally unique. I’ve played in lots of big games and stadiums but I’ve never witnessed fans making that much noise in 90 minutes.”
Owen Hargreaves

“Celtic are popular for testimonials because everyone knows they will fill the stadium – and I’ve always had great admiration of them. Their fans have a reputation as one of the best and that’s on merit because of the great atmosphere they create.” 
Eidur GudJohnsen

“The match against Celtic in Glasgow was amazing. The atmosphere there was the best I’ve ever seen or heard. I couldn’t shout to my team mates two yards from me. It was amazing, I loved it. Celtic Park was ten times noisier than it was in the Maksimir for Serbia versus Croatia.”
Nikola Djurdjic





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