Celtic 2-0 Rangers


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Celtic Diary Friday April 21: Third Trophy In The Bag


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Sevco suffer massive goalkeeper blow | videocelts.com


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The Endgame: Celtic On The Verge Of History – A Grand Auld Team


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Video: Brown and Dembele v Sinclair and Tierney in Football Pool


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Live screening of the SPFL Glasgow derby at Celtic Park on April 29 | CelticFC | Commercial News


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Celts triumph to make it four-in-a-row in Glasgow Cup | CelticFC | Match Report


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Big screen bhoys take to the Paradise stage for Henrik v Lubo match | CelticFC | General News


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Pedro Caixinha challenges Brendan Rodgers to name Celtic team – The Scotsman


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Football Come Out The Dark Ages And Embrace Tv Replays During Games! 

Every competitive sport mostly has some form of Tv video replay to monitor decisions and scores and points in games ,so the age old question why not in football , I know it’s used for goal line technology in some games but it should be compulsory across the board in the top premier divisions for every team to have the technology in place …

Some leagues granted are richer than others but here in scotland I’m sure the top 4 teams in the league celtic Hearts Aberdeen and newly promoted hibs could along with the sfa and some government funding finance the installation of video evidence technology at all scotlands top flight clubs ….

The main gripe seems to be interruptions to the flow of play which is ludicrous and nonsense, considering it already takes 2 or 3 mins per incident , so instead of the referee trying to sort it out on the feild a second ref with a screen is reviewing it right away , its not for every decision just for bad tackles penaltys diving etc it takes as long to review it off-feild as it does the referee to sort out the players on it prior to a decision …

Also the fans the manager and the players won’t be bursting a blood vessel after feeling hard done by , we all like debate and controversy something to talk about , but the game is becoming a joke and falling behind all other competitive sports , with the money in the game these days it’s now a requirement for fair play …

These decisions cost teams vital points , cup runs and player losses ,their is no reason for it not to be implemented, the only thing stopping it is ruling bodies in the dark ages , for a sport that claims the moniker ‘THE BEAUTIFUL GAME’ it’s becoming more like the laughing game because other sporting bodies must be laughing hard at the failure of football to get with the programme ..

Someone needs to look at the cost and take steps to at least have this implemented by 2020 cmon scotland we’re known to be innovators forward thinkers it’s time to change HH

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With the controversy at Ross county on Sunday still hanging in the air , a double header against scotlands newest football team looms large with Scottish cup and premier league dates on back to back Sunday’s …..

The bad feeling between celtic fc and Celtics fans is at a all time low with the sfa and Scotland’s officials after another episode of blatant cheating last Sunday when Ross county’s shalk took a blatant dive to win a late penalty which in turn in sensed and contributed to bad feeling between the teams going into the dying moments of what had been a entertaining game…

What was to follow further enraged the club and its supporters when scott brown was sent off for a late challenge that was a yellow card at worst , considering it wasn’t even a high challenge or a tackle from behind , in a season where there has been a few shocking decisions against the club , celtic have maintained a high level of tolerance and professionalism,still unbeaten in domestic football with a possible 8 games to go , will the powers that be try to pull out all the stops to deny celtic a perfect season…

With the title and league cup already in the bag , a 40 game unbeaten run and some stunning performances from the team and manager this season , it would be fitting for celtic to complete the treble and go unbeaten for a season another record setting achievement set by Scotland’s most successful football club ,the only thing standing in the way is Scotland’s establishment club sevco ….

Oh and the sfa and Scotland’s nds officials , somehow we always seem to prevail but it’s dam hard playing 12 against 11 ,you see the fear is for I quote ‘. THE ESTABLISHMENT ‘ is it’s another record another achievement the shame of scotland sevco have to chase , another reason for them to get in more debt to try and emulate the hoops , another banana skin for a club riddled with jealousy and hate , another EBT. Scam waiting to happen …

We’re told every season we are paranoid but when the evidence is so blatant so obvious to all football fans of the non establishment club , it makes you wonder what lengths these people will go to, look scott brown will be punished but theirs a lot more hidden factors in the Scottish game that need looking at it’s no excuse but had the penalty decision which was shocking not been given the sending off wouldn’t have occurred , while it’s still a yellow card at worst in my opinion the referees decision affected the final 5 mins of the game and this is the issue that needs to be looked at more intensely…

Tv video evidence is now a requirement in the game , why for once doesn’t the sfa break the trend and be first to have it introduced in Scottish football ,a penalty that never was , a cheat found out ,a player justified in his reaction to a decision that reflects on him badly , Sunday’s incidents are just a few in a Catalouge of flash points last few years that celtic are enraged about , with good cause ….

Next 2 Sundays will probably not go off without controversy. Sevco are desperate to get anything from the games,but the champions have shown this season despite everything the establishment has thrown at them we are still 6 in a row champions and heading for a treble and a undefeated season ,be prepared to be shocked the next chapter of the ‘HIDDEN RED HAND UNDERBELLY OF SCOTTISH FOOTBALL ‘ is about to be played out !!!

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Celtic TV | CelticTV


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Brendan Rodgers: Awful penalty decision cost us a deserved victory | CelticFC | First Team News


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Celebrate ’67 at a Tribute Lunch with the Lisbon Lions | CelticFC | Hospitality News


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Celtic website makes a statement on Robertson decisions | videocelts.com


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John Terry to Celtic? Twitter Seems to Think It Really Could Happen


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Honest mistakes my arse – gerrymandering more like !

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Video clips from Ross county 2-2

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West Bromwich Albion 0-1 Liverpool


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Pedro’s warrior warning for Brendan | videocelts.com


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Celtic fans join Merseyside in attacking new Sun outrage | videocelts.com


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Glasgow Cup Final live on council telly | videocelts.com


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Henry Onyekuru poised for summer move to Paradise – Indy Celts


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Celebrity Celtic Supporters Gallery

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Source: Celebrity Celtic Supporters Gallery


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Run in Fixtures 

Here is the full list of run in fixtures:

Sevco FC. (A) 29/04

St Johnstone (H) 06/05

Aberdeen (A) Fri 12/05

Partick Thistle (A) 18/05

Hearts (H) 21/05

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