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Please Don’t Read This

Well said sir , they may try to shut us up by whatever means necessary , but there will always be a anti sevconian willing to step in and take up the fight Hh

The Clumpany

Good Afternoon.

If you have got this far, you have clearly ignored my instructions and are wilfully engaging in inflammatory action. You have brought any resulting consequences upon yourself.

Because a section of Sevco fans (or ‘Rangers’ fans as they prefer to be known as a mark of respect to their late former club) really really don’t like non-Sevconians reading, talking or thinking about either of ‘their’ ‘clubs’. And this short piece strays right into that territory!

Some like to gloat about the superiority they posses for following one club which stiffed 276 creditors and died a truly ignominious death, and another which has been labouring its way up the divisions while often surviving on loans. They invite attention by boasting and mocking others, but woe betide any non-Sevconians who show any uninvited interest.

You know the sort of thing: laughing at poor results, questioning the actual war-chestiness of Dave…

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Celtic’s deadline day dealings

Patrick Roberts was the first player to be signed by Celtic on deadline day, having signed on an 18 month loan deal from Manchester City.

Roberts is an 18 year old winger who City signed for a huge £12 million fee from Fulham.

The deal has been talked about for a while now and it was being held up due to the length of the loan deal. City were only offering 6 months until the end of the season while Celtic were holding out for 18 months. Celtic eventually got their way.

Speaking exclusively to the official Celtic website after being unveiled to the media, Roberts said:

“I’m delighted. This is a massive club. As soon as my agent called me and said Celtic were interested, I was jumping at the bit.

“Celtic is huge in Scotland and in Europe, and this is what I want. I’m here for…

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Highland Hoodoo


Celtic v Ross County
League cup semi final
Hampden park

31st Jan 2016

Celtic 1-3 Ross County

The game started so well within 27 secs Leigh Griffith’s had squared the ball for Garry McKay Stevens who slotted the ball home for a early 1-0 lead,Celtic were all over their opponents Ross County,and what should have been the que for a rout would soon turn into something completely different ,a penalty and sending off that should never have been ,a decision that like last season was so blatantly wrong !!!…

Josh meekins cheated last season for Inverness and they benefited with a win in the Scottish. Cup ,a refereeing decision that mirrored today’s crazy sending off where efe ambrose sneezed and the Ross County player fell over ,a ludicrous way to describe a event but just as ludicrous as the decision itself,I’ve long believed that there’s gerrymandering going on in the Scottish game ,but were all paranoid were told for being suspicious of every decision that’s clearly wrong……

Dont get me wrong Celtic had chances to get back into the game after they lost goals 2 and 3 but chances were scorned and scott fox in the Ross county goal had a excellent game ,including a penalty save that Leigh Griffith’s took  ,many may have a go at the striker but he’s been the clubs talisman this season and he’s allowed a mistake or two…..

in fact most of the team played OK,Erik   Sviatchenko played his debut after coming on for the unfortunate ambrose ,and the big Dane actually had a fine game ….Keiran Teirney impressed once again and Stefan Johansen played well chasing everything all over the pitch ,it just wasent to be our day ,we’ve been here before and we pick ourselves up and move on to the next challenge….

last week you’d have thought a final spot was a certainty considering the team had blitzed Hamilton and St Johnstone in league games scoring 12 goals in both matches,a bad refereeing decision last season cost us dear and again yesterday it made for a uphill struggle,no matter who you are if your down a man so early in a game it’s going to be hard….

Ross county took there chance don’t get me wrong they scored 2 fine goals following the penalty and x Celt Jackson Irving had a fine outing,on a even playing field Celtic might have won the game ,we will never know but there’s no doubt the penalty decision killed the game….

Up next for Celtic is a huge game on Wednesday night against Aberdeen being 6 points clear going into the game ,the club can put a major dent in the dons title hopes a win or a draw would make the run in very difficult for Aberdeen, Ronnie deila will again be feeling the heat after Sundays defeat ,but the team can’t take there eyes of the important prize the title,cups are a bonus and if we do a domestic double again this year il take that….,

with so much emphasis on a treble its no wonder there’s slip ups ,we have no devine right to win one and its totally disrespectful to all other teams to expect it every year,yes its disappointing losing a semi final but we have to lift our heads and get behind the team ,come may we can assess the season and decide on peoples futures then,no point making pressure during a season….

we have a young side full of fine players who can only get better ,when you add Ryan Christie and Patrick Roberts from man city to a already youthful setup with Teirney,Biton,Rogic,McGregor,Forrest,etc were sorted for a good few seasons,with the possible promotion of sevco5088 Scotland’s newest club ,we are miles ahead of our Glasgow neighbours …..

Scottish cup takes precedence on Sunday 7 th Feb and East Kilbride will enjoy the game I’m sure against the wounded hoops ,the game will be played at airdries excelciour stadium and the small pitch will suit the lower league club,let’s hope a win midweek can set us up for a run of victory’s that will take us to another league title and a Scottish cup success!!!…..


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Welcome to the club Patrick

Another young player added to the club ranks , this can only be good for the team going forward, our relationship with Manchester city has payed off in recent years with loan deals for players like Jason denayer and John guidetti , so the signing of Patrick Roberts should be welcomed, a 18 month loan deal gives the lad plenty time to get game time, it benefits both Celtic and Manchester city to develop the kid , Celtic benifit from having a exciting young talent on there books , while city have the player playing regular, while this might not please all Celtic fans as a marquee signing is desired , it is the way forward for the club in this current climate , and financial stability is paramount hh

Video taken from Celtics you tube page




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Celtic Win Again’As Aberdeen Throw The Pie In’………….

This gallery contains 28 photos.

Originally posted on The Celtic Footsoldiers:
  Going into Sundays afternoon kick off against Aberdeen I wasnt to bothered by the outcome having won the title the week before after a fine win against Dundee on the friday night, Aberdeen had…

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Celtic 2-1 Aberdeen Thoughts..Match Report..Pics n Pod…13th Sep 2014

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on The Celtic Footsoldiers:
  Extended Match Highlights    Two deflected goals for celtic ensured the hoops got all 3 points in whats always an entertaining game of football,pieces of good fortune don’t come along often so early season…

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Ajer deal 50/50 while Kazim-Richards agent spotted at Hampden

Kristoffer Ajer is still remaining hopeful that he can secure his transfer to Celtic ahead of tonight’s deadline.

Ajer was recently on trial with Celtic and he was left out of Start’s friendly match on Friday as it was believed the clubs were close to a deal. Ajer said:

“There have been discussions between Start and Celtic so I didn’t play. I don’t know much about the negotiations but the window closes soon so if it is going to happen it must happen quickly. It would be fantastic to get the chance of a move to Celtic.”

His father Jan Tore Ajer added: “The clubs are talking but it is not long until the deadline so it needs to happen soon. Kristoffer wants to go. But if it doesn’t happen he’ll get more chances in the future.”
However, more recently, there are now reports in Norway suggesting that…

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Free Pitchfork And Flaming Torch For EVERY Remaining Reader!

The Clumpany

Good Evening.

The Clumpany isn’t often short of something to say, even if it is inane ramblings [yep, you’d noticed…]. However, yesterday’s developments in the Spiers/ Sevco/ Herald story – which suddenly expanded to include Angela Haggerty – gave me a bad case of ‘Clumper’s block’.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have any views on the matter. I most certainly did! It was just that I had so many thoughts and feelings about the jaw-dropping and frankly bat-sh*t crazy turn of events that I was too annoyed, too despairing, and too joyful (all at the same time) to know how to begin articulating it.

I was annoyed, because in sacking Angela Haggerty (who I don’t know) the Herald Group seemed to be trampling over three fundamental things that help to make our society a decent place in which to live.

Firstly, the Herald appeared to show little regard…

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Establishment Kills Freedom Of Speech And Their Control Of MSM


How much more apparent can the establishment cover up be , 2012 Rangers fc 1872-2012 should have administrated and liquidated and been no more ,to the completely sain among us thats the case ,but people will have you believe that rangers fc 0f 2012 are the same as the tribute act today who call themselves sevco,now with parts of the MSM behind you ,well probably most,footballs ruling body in Scotland your lacky ,and the Authorities seemingly in your back pocket ,this abomination still trades as a football club,sevco or not theres a stink thats not went away since feb 2012 ,the stench of corporate corruption is overpowering and no ones doing anything about it,not surprising when you have the hearts of the loyalist core of Scotland…

Now when a journalist comes out in a article in a paper and exposes the utter hatred of a denomination namely Catholics he loses his job along with anyone else who dares to speak out,the article highlights the fact that the songs of hate have never went away ,and while the sevco directors will say otherwise ,the proof can be heard at every game the fans of the tribute act attend,the mere fact that one high ranking director said that the billy boys is a tremendous song well we all need to be worried,the video below has the lyrics of the song make of it what you will…

The word fenian fills me with distain towards anyone who utters it,im not even Irish but it disgusts me nevertheless,what has happened to freedom of speech in scotland ,if a corrupt and shameful establishment namely sevco dont like what your saying they use underhand and gerrymandering tactics to hide there long con,only a few weeks ago a threat was made to journalists,bloggers,social media users anyone speaking out against sevco,is this the fruits of there labour,if so we should all be wary,but i wont allow them to win without a fight ,i posted the link and a copy of the text used ,anyone who read it will know the one ,and it is available on the blog,basically it threatened our businesses our family our children anything they could attack,obviously this is a new tactic.

Graham Spiers and Angela Haggerty i applaud you both you’ve only said what we are all thinking and know !!!!!





Original article

Spiers on Sport: 30 December 2015

Rangers must uphold progress by resisting return of ‘the old songs’

Rangers FC, in whatever guise you recognise it in the post-2012 period, has made considerable strides to eradicate bigotry around the club.

Whereas as recently as 10 years ago – and it really was excruciating – Ibrox Stadium resounded to sectarian chants, in more recent times the atmosphere has been cleaned up, with erstwhile dodgy songs adored by many Rangers fans being put on the back burner.

It would be totally wrong to ignore this progress at Rangers. I remember the summer of 2006 when Paul Le Guen arrived at the club. Ibrox was mired in “fans issues” and bigotry, and Le Guen was utterly perplexed by it all.

One of the first things the Frenchman had to do was take part in initiatives set up by the club, begging Rangers fans to stop singing these songs.

To a large degree, many of these measures worked. Rangers made significant progress in quelling its bigoted sentiment, and the club made great strides in the years ahead. Ibrox, I believe, in time became a much healthier place in which to watch your football.

The Billy Boys, an anti-Catholic anthem beloved of Ibrox, was put on mute. Indeed, for a number of seasons it seemed to disappear completely, at least at Rangers home games. This, surely, was progress.

But few of us had any illusions about it. More than once I’ve been told that, if you venture onto a Glasgow subway train with travelling Rangers fans, their old anthems can be given quite an airing. The old songs appeared to have survived and thrived, being sung with gusto whenever a more guarded context will allow.

And then there were these occasional public eruptions of it, such as at the infamous 2011 League Cup final at Hampden, when some of the choral stuff exhumed by the Rangers support that day took us back to a pre-Enlightenment period.

It is staggering, in this day and age, to hear stuff about Catholics, Fenians, Taigs, the Pope and the rest emanating from thousands of people. It is as baffling as it is sad.

Now this Rangers FC board – and I am not convinced by their mettle on this issue – faces a fresh test.

At Ibrox this week we heard a further eruption of what might euphemistically be called the “old songs”. It was another example, amid all the progress that Rangers have made, of the cap being blown off, and of some Rangers fans getting back into the party mood in the way they like best.

Social media was very interesting following that Rangers-Hibs game on Monday afternoon. Setting aside some preposterous stuff from the Rangers Supporters Trust, who were in full denial mode, there were a number of Rangers fans openly lamenting the re-emergence of these songs, and condemning them.

I have said this often enough: there is a new generation of Rangers supporter that the club should nurture and cultivate. They want nothing to do with this old obsession with “fenians”. They are modern, decent, football-loving fans who love the game and love their club.

Rangers need to embrace these supporters, and leave to one side those others – including some official fan groups – who said after the Hibs match (I paraphrase): “Well done, lads, terrific stuff, great atmosphere, great to hear the old songs…”

Will this Rangers FC board, as has been required in previous years, step up to the plate? I hope so, though I doubt it.

I write as a journalist who has been banned by Rangers. None of that aspect bothers me. Football clubs sometimes do these daft things. I want nothing but the best for Rangers as they ascend towards the Ladbrokes Premiership. Indeed, I want Rangers challenging for the Premiership title as quickly as their football will allow.

But when Stewart Robertson, the new Rangers managing-director, informed me of my press ban, I would say his demeanour was that of someone somewhat embarrassed by the action being taken.

I do not believe Mr Robertson is anything other than a decent man – but his pitiful reasons for my ban, which included my past criticisms of Rangers over bigotry issues, sounded distinctly unconvincing.

It also doesn’t help right now that at least one member of the current Rangers board thinks that The Billy Boys is a tremendous song. This being the case, the club may well go backwards, not forwards.

On their dreaded songs issue, I hope this Rangers board go forward, not backward. I hope they are pro-active, not passive. I hope they acknowledge a potential threat, and don’t lapse into denial.

But, frankly, I’ll believe it when I see it. Banning writers who write about the issue is an ominous start.

It is now 39 years since Willie Waddell, then the Rangers general-manager, made an on-field public declaration which signalled an end to Rangers FC’s old anti-Catholic policy. I was there that day at Ibrox as a 12-year-old kid, though the fuss then was beyond me.

It remains my belief that, taking that day as a starting point, it will take 50 years for Rangers to fully flush out its bigoted baggage. There are pitfalls along that long road, as we witnessed again this week, but at least the journey is being taken.

There has been real progress made at Rangers in recent years. Mr Robertson and your ilk, please don’t slow it down.



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