Its Over Time To Move On ..!


The dust has just begun to settle on a disappointing week for the club, a dull uninspiring display against Kilmarnock on Saturday 21 st Nov seen the club draw 0-0 and fail to capitalise on Aberdeen and hearts also dropping points,the bad news continued into the week with the news scott brown will be out for a couple of months…..

with the true extent of the damage still to be clarified it’s clear we will miss our captains drive in midfield ,and that was evident last Thursday against ajax , the team didn’t play that badly and first half was probably the best they had played in a disappointing euro campaign , mcgregors early goal had Celtic setup to take the bull by the horns and drive on for the win but defensive frailtys again spoiled what could have been a great night….

apart from the 2 molde games we should have won all 3 games against fenerbache and ajax, conceding silly goals when we were in the lead and in control, it’s time for the fans to put Europe to bed again for another year and unite behind the club , the board the manager and coaching staff down to the players are showing the battle scars , none more than Ronnie deila who’s treatment this season in particular has been a disgrace, his close to tears interview Thursday night on bt sports is all the proof you need that it’s out of order

Msm and social media and groups off fans have took it upon themselves to start a vendetta. Against the man , I as a fan of 40 odd yrs am disgusted by the treatment 1 man is getting for the problems of the entire club, it’s clear the rebuild has to start from the top and the board need to invest in the team nxt season or in January , of course fans have been asking for this for yrs and I feel there frustrations are aimed at deila as a easy target , the players have let the club down this season too and we don’t see them being berated….

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Whos Laughing Now Murray…Dont Underestimate The Power Of Social Media!!!!


If anyone doubted the power of social media and bloggers in general , you maybe should think again, it seems the hierarchy at Scotland’s newest football team sevco 5088 have a problem with the public telling the truth about Rangers1872-2012 s cheating between 2001-2011 , the use of EBTS by the dead Rangers seen them win 5 titles and numerous cups , now there attacking bloggers and social media publicly in fact threatening them in a sly and sleekit way….

we’ve become accustomed to there  way of operating , even the radio phone ins are running scared to mention the parasite of Scottish football, I like many bloggers have a message for you sevco we will never give up the fight to see your embarrassment of a club , whatever guise you want to be known as punished properly , it’s 4 yrs down the road and the campaign to out every gerrymanderer is just gaining momentum,the mere fact that Stewart Robertson Managing Director of sevco Had to release a statement today saying they would fight any accusations proves the fact the internet bampots are winning , you see the thing sevco don’t realise we want you gone , just like Rangers 1872-2012……

They say for the good of Scottish football its time to forgive and forget but if you’ve read the statement the club made the other day in the light of the ebt result falling in favour of justice ,you’ll be of the mind to stick 2 fingers up at there arrogance it goes above and beyond belief the way they try to deflect any wrong doing from big brother and daddy rangers,make up your minds who actually are you sevco !!!!

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some of the links ive added will provide you with the fuel to hopefully bring you onboard if your reading this,im one-off many bloggers who do this for the enjoyment of writing an article and seeing the response it gets,the sevco story tells itself there’s a wealth of evidence/ stroke information in social media that helped end rangers 1872-2012 and now Phoenix club sevco5088 are to be the webs next victim,you see while MSM are gagged and shutdown and news outlets are told not to speak of the establishment ,our voice is heard ,you can’t stop it and we wont go away..

Rangers 1872-2012 thought they would administrate /liquidate be reborn and the whole of Scottish football out with the people would welcome them with open arms,oh how they were wrong ,David Murray bailed out at the right time and left his patsy Craig Whyte to take the fall for the wrongdoings of over 20 yrs ,Charles green picked at the bones of the club ,yet still they couldn’t and didn’t learn ,so death was inevitable,sevco5088 were born from the ashes of Scotland’s shame and old habits die-hard …there in as much trouble today as they were back in 2012…


of course they want all the tainted success that RFC had ,but none of the responsibility that comes with the territory,there as confused as a rabbit in the headlights,if the last few weeks are anything to go on Edmondson drive is going to be an uncomfortable place to reside and the halls of the bigotdome will echo to the sounds of utter confusion,the fans have no idea whats going on at the club …the reason they keep going back like sheep is their blind hatred of their neighbours across the city Glasgow celtic Scotland’s most succesful football team legally….

so in concluding my social media friends continue the push the drive to realise the justice that’s long been coming …………



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STRIP the TItles Campaign on Social Media Please Join…


The strip the titles campaign has been put together by people on Twitter , and I applaud them for there drive when our own ruling body turns a blind eye to blatant cheating , all hope is lost I fear for the Scottish game,at least there seems to be some people wanting to force change , so share the link and join up the more people who stand up against this travesty the better, never forget the power of social media HH and God bless …

You can use the link above or the link in the tweet 

Once again a big well done to the people responsible for the campaign HH

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Post from a yr and a half ago but rings true today ,it’s like Groundhog Day HH


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Time To Strip Titles As HMRC win Latest EBT Appeal


The latest round of the EBT scandal surrounding Rangers 1872-2012 has been won at appeal by hector aka the taxman, this mornings announcement will put a smile on many a internet bampots face, while main stream media and the sfa chose to paper over the cracks and effectively cover up the scandal, social medias own news hounds were digging for the truth ….

image image

sure this is just another victory in a long running saga ,but every time a result like this is brought to the fore, the hunger for justice deepens in the hearts of us all , how long can the sfa and the media turn a blind eye to the scandal , 4 yrs down the road there resolve seems strong , but the facts are not going away Rangers 1872-2012 cheated by using EBTS , they gained a unfair advantage over there opponents not just Celtic , every team they played between the period in question….

image image image image

there’s been a lot going on this year with Craig Whyte , Charles green and their court cases which we can’t speak about , the endless poison that surrounds that establishment is vast and this has a long way to go yet, the sevco hierarchies must be wondering how tight the noose around their neck is about to get, new club or not new club the stench always seems to hover over Edmondson drive and ibrox , and at some point justice will be served….

HMRC aren’t going away EBTS aren’t going away , and the social media drive to end Scotland’s shame goes on , today’s ruling is another victory in what’s becoming a long fight,there’s some very nervous people waking up today HECTORS HERE !!

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A good win that probably means nothing


I wrote a post earlier in the day before the game was played against Aberdeen praising Ronnie deilas response to pundits and fans who don’t rate him as a manager , or don’t want him as Celtic boss and pundits who should stick to their day job and leave the football Managment to people who know what their taking about…,,

it’s clear to me all this negativity has had a effect on the man , the absence of the Ronnie roar despite good victories in the last few weeks is a clear message to the fans, and his tv and paper interviews have taken care of the hacks who are just clueless monkeys who are desperate for any negativity around the club and its manager….

I could go on all night how it’s unfair the way the mans been treated , it seems a trend now that Celtic managers need nerves of steel not for the everyday running of a team but just to get through their morning slice of toast and cup of tea with the local paper , we ve no need to mention social media cause that’s the keyboard cowards of whom there’s many…

to say I’ve had falling out in the last few weeks with fellow fans is a understatement , but my opinions are my own and I stick by them , today Celtic irradicated  their closest rival in the league on wedensday we took care of Buisness again against hearts , good work done in the last few games , but the European bubble looms large for the team and the boss….

when Ronnie and the team should have been doing the Ronnie roar to celebrate good wins , we were denied it because Ronnie deila looks like a man who knows without Europe he’s doomed , it’s a sad fact of football in this country when you can win a double in your first season and your second still be in all competitions that 1 or 2 European ties kills it all….

we can’t change the mindset of people , we can only debate and do the best we can on the park and hope minds are changed, HH RONNIE BHOY

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Hats of to Ronnie as he comes out fighting…


Ive nothing but admiration for the Celtic boss today, I’ve always been a fan but he got the guns out today in the press and fired a damaging volley against his doubters…

MacLeish and Bonnar were the main target for his retort , but I think some of the fans who have doubted his ability to be Celtic boss have been targeted too, even sevco5088 got a mention but tut tut Ronnie he called them Rangers aw never mind , anyway I’m glad the Celtic boss has came out and responded to ludicrous claims his jobs on the line …

Do we know what’s going on inside the club looking in from the outside , of course we don’t , if Ronnie says it’s a harmonious environment then I’m inclined to believe him , it’s true we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes we can only hope that he people running the club do a good job …

Financially we are stable that has to be accredited to Peter Lawell, a lot of exciting things have happened in and around the stadium in recent yrs ie Celtic way , we’ve been champions now for 4 yrs like Ronnie deila says and could be 5 time champions end of this campaign…

What I don’t understand is what’s enough for the media and Celtic fans who doubt the mans capability to manage the club, it’s never enough in scotland to win a double or a treble far less just a league title , any other league in the world winning one trophy is seen as success ..

Europe is the be all and end all for some people these days yet only a select few teams win the champions league or Europa league and it’s usually the same 6 or 8 teams last 20 yrs , I’d credit that success mostly to money and not pure football , I’m bored already writing about Europe , so il move on ….

Ronnie deila and the team have won 2 big games back to back after the debacle in Norway beating Dundee Utd 5-0 and hearts 2-1 in the cup , going into today’s lunchtime game he knows a victory against Aberdeen will open up a 7 point gap in the league , further taking the pressure off only for it to be slammed back on Thursday 5 th Nov against molde ,this is what I mean it doesn’t matter what’s achieved domestically the European bubble will always loom large over whoever is in charge of Celtic..

Strachan and Lennon and Martin o Neil had it too , if Celtic can pull off another 2 victories back to back starting today against Aberdeen , maybe Ronnie deila won’t feel the need to shoot down his critics again for a wee while anyway , well done Ronnie Bhoy HH…..

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Hearts-Aberdeen-Molde-3 Huge Challenges For Hoops!!


The next 8 days sees the hoops battling on 3 fronts with the league cup tie against Hearts wed night 28 th Oct first up coming off the back of a solid 5-0 win against Dundee Utd at the weekend, Hearts always present a tough challenge as the earlier season league game proved, Robbie Neilsons side will need to be wary of a Celtic team who are still hurting a bit after losing in Norway..

It was evident against Dundee Utd Celtic ment business and bad boy kris Commons smashed home 2 goals,there was a no mercy approach from the hoops, no doubt the criticism they received after the Molda game fired them up , now 4 points clear in the league a 9 point swing has dislodged Aberdeen who were 5 points ahead only a mere month ago, so on Saturday the game against Aberdeen is massive..

Will all Celtics good work go to waste , hopefully not…. a win would send a huge message to the club from the granite city , a 7 point lead at any stage in this league is a strong one and If Celtic are on it like against Dundee utd , the Dons could be in trouble of course the flip side of that is a loss and the gap cut to 1 , I’m confident we will win both the cup tie and the Aberdeen game ,and I think Celtic will be to strong for a young Hearts side still finding its feet…so I’m going 3-1 the cup tie..

And against Aberdeen a 2-1 victory in a tight game ,the final part of the trio of games has us playing Molde in the Europa league return at parkhead Thurs 5th Nov the game is huge all 3 are important in the career of Ronnie Deila as manager because most fans have already made up there mind about the guy, the only thing that could possibly change the doubters minds is firstly 3 good wins , especially in the Europa league game…

Most Celtic fans seem to crave European football , so no matter what he does in domestic football Europe will always dictate how he’s seen as a manager , I literally got ripped a new arse in a previous post for backing the manager and downplaying the importance of Europe , a silly mistake to make but an honest one , nevertheless we move on football is about opinions and my stance remains the same Ronnie Deila and the team can turn things around , part one of that juncture is tomorrow evening….

Oh and my prediction for the Molde game is 3-0 Celtic , bold you might think but Celtic at home in Europe il back them every time , a week on Thurs we could be looking at an entirely different picture , lets project…. a semi final spot in the league cup , 7 points clear in the league and 5 points in the Europa league which would at least move us of the bottom of the group table and who knows if Ajax beat fenerbache tighten the group right up , I’m positive all 3 objectives can be achieved…

We as Celtic fans have to stay strong and focused, I was guilty of falling out with some fans because of a post I made , I don’t want to be arguing with fellow fans on social media I’d rather opinions were respected from all parties, it’s what makes Celtic fans unique and sets us apart from the rest , we move forward as one the Celtic family HH and God bless till
next time …….


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Down Memory Lane..25 wins in a row Video !!!

Thanks to Henrik 7 Larssons you tube page for providing the video hh

P25 W25 F86 A13 ● Martin O’Neill’s Celtic set a British record which may never be broken by winning 25 consecutive top-flight matches as they ease their way to the SPL title. Celtic (98) gathered more points in 2003/04 than unbeaten Arsenal (90), as well as winning a cup, whilst both sides reached a European quarter-final.

5-0 v Dundee Utd (H) [Maloney, Agathe, Thompson, McNamara, Larsson]
2-1 v Partick (A) [Lambert, Thompson]
5-1 v Livingston (H) [Larsson 3, Maloney, Thompson]
1-0 v Dundee (A) [Balde]
3-0 v Motherwell (H) [Larsson, Sutton, Maloney]
2-1 v Hibernian (A) [Thompson, Larsson]
1-0 v Rangers (A) [Hartson]
5-0 v Hearts (H) [Miller 2, Stamp OG, Larsson, Varga]
4-0 v Aberdeen (H) [Larsson 3, Sutton]
5-0 v Kilmarnock (A) [Sutton 3, Hartson, Maloney]
5-0 v Dunfermline (H) [Hartson 2, Wallace, Varga, Larsson]
5-1 v Dundee Utd (A) [Sutton 3, Larsson 2]
3-1 v Partick (H) [Larsson, Sutton 2]
2-0 v Livingston (A) [Sutton, Thompson]
3-2 v Dundee (H) [Larsson, Balde, Kennedy]
2-0 v Motherwell (A) [Hartson, Thompson]
6-0 v Hibernian (H) [Sutton 2, Hartson 2, Larsson, Petrov]
3-0 v Rangers (H) [Petrov, Varga, Thompson]
1-0 v Hearts (A) [Petrov]
3-1 v Aberdeen (A) [Petrov, Larsson, Pearson]
5-1 v Kilmarnock (H) [Agathe, Hartson 2, Larsson, Pearson]
4-1 v Dunfermline (A) [Larsson 2, Varga, Thompson]
2-1 v Dundee Utd (H) [Maloney, Sutton]
4-1 v Partick (A) [Sutton 2, Varga 2]
5-1 v Livingston (H) [Pearson, Sutton, Thompson 2, Larsson]

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Stick or twist?

Source: Stick or twist?

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