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Welcome to celtic legends theres been many a great celtic player down the yrs but not many get legendary status ,so from time to time il be adding a profile off a celtic great whether its a player …

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Top 10s Celtic Football Club

TOP 1O S is where youll find my opinion on all things from top 10 players to top 10 moments,games,goals,managers etc that kinda thing hail hail…. TOP 10 EUROPEAN MOMENTS !!! Valencia 4-2 Celt…

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Titles for the songs are at the top im trying to build this library up of celtic and irish songs hope your all enjoying the great tunes ……………………&#823…

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Liverpool FC

WELCOME ALONG TO THE NEW PAGE.. been wanting to add a page for liverpool for a while seeing as its my second team..the bond between celtic and liverpool is one of the strongest between 2 football t…

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Why Ronnies Decision To Stand Down Is Bad Timing !!!

Aberdeen-Ronny-Roar-300x205 30C372E800000578-3425736-image-m-16_1454284121200

This information should have been kept in house , while I understand the managers decision allowing this to be public knowledge officially its a huge mistake , and has now handed a huge incentive to Aberdeen to try and wrestle away this title, the Dons have been hanging on in their most of the season and even though Celtic hold a eight point advantage , the last 5 games now become a cup final on every occasion , Aberdeen and hearts will be tough games and the final outcome may just be a lot closer than it could have been….

 look we all knew Ronnies days were numbered , I’ve always been a fan of the guy and supported him in the blog, that’s not changed , but to put this kind of pressure on the team after such a crushing blow last Sunday does not make any sense , this could all have been made public knowledge end of May , the pressure on the players now to deliver the title is huge , Aberdeen have nothing to lose , their not expected to win it but they can sure make it uncomfortable for Celtic by keeping on winning…..

sometimes football clubs make huge mistakes with this kind of announcement , something that should have been kept in house has been fed to the pack of rabid loyalist Msm hacks , this will get them all wet and the headlines from now till May will pile pressure on Celtic, because you can be sure this is the kind of media this lot thrive on, off course the circus of choosing a new manager will begin before Ronnies even vacated the building as well ….

I believe Ronnie deila to be a decent honest genuine hard working coach with new ideas and philosophy’s on the game , it seems it wasent to be with Celtic , but it wasent from the lack of trying, I’m sure he will still take fond memories from his time managing the club , it wasent all Celtic fans who didn’t buy into his vision , only enough to make him see his time had come , I’d like to wish the man the very best in his future endeavours , I respect. What the man was trying to do , you might be moving on Ronnie , but you managed one of the worlds greatest clubs and not many get the chance hail hail to him and God bless

Quote from Ronnie

I was delighted in my first year to bring our fans a League and Cup double and enjoy some European nights at Celtic Park, and I am pleased this season to be well in contention to win another Premiership title.

There have been some disappointments and times when we have not achieved what we had hoped for and I’m realistic and honest enough to admit that, but I know that the players, myself and my backroom team have always given everything we had to bring success to our supporters. Hh

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Who Will Be The Next Celtic Manager

Taken from BAMPOTSUTD on WordPress

WHO WILL BE THE NEXT CELTIC MANAGER ! https://bampotsutd.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/who-will-be-the-next-celtic-manager/ via @wordpressdotcom


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Don’t Know What’s Worse Losing To a Non Entity ie SEVCO Or Losing On Penaltys


Don’t know what’s worse losing to a non entity ie SEVCO or losing on penalty’s , the later is a lottery so I’m not going to blame the players who missed McGregor and Rogic because both had decent games when they came on ….

I just can’t bring myself to give a team who quite frankly shouldn’t exist any credit, even though they were the better team in the first half , our lads looked weary in the opening exchanges and this was pivotal in SEVCO running the show  ,a slip up by brown led to the ball falling at the feet of Kenny  Miller and the striker scored the first goal….

The zombie hoards didn’t take long to bring out the loyalist songbook and the slaughter of Fenians was soon  echoing around Hampden ,Celtic did have more chances first half than the new club but most were of target none more so than young Patrick Roberts who had been in good form lately , he missed a open goal from a rebounded shot which he put into the side netting….

 This fixture is not an enjoyable one for near 2 hours I was physically feeling sick not from the tension of the game but the injustice of the team in blue even being in existence , it reeks of hypocrisy, sadly this is the world we live in , Ronnie Deila was going to have to have one helluva half time talk , and it seemed like he did because 2 nd half Celtic took over,  Sviatchenko scored a quick fire equalizer and might have had a second soon after…

The hoops were Passing the ball better and the new team were looking a bit star struck , chances would come and go for Celtic and to be fair it was the SEVCO goalie who kept them in it , extra time loomed large and when the 90 was up it was Celtic who were edging it , but just when you thought the game couldn’t get any crazier the new club scored what was a crackerjack of a goal  in the first period of extra time , it pains me to say it but at this point I thought it might not be our day , the first 15 mins of extra time came and went and I was left wondering if this tribute act might pull it off…

Tom rogic answered the Celtic faithfuls prayers coming of the bench and scoring a fantastic equalizer to level the tie in the 2nd period of extra time  , again Celtics play was good , with the exception of the first half  Celtic had the rest of the game till 120 mins , yeah SEVCO passed the ball well but with no penetration , Thompson the referee had a good game all in and for a first time in a while in these games was impartial….

it would finish 2-2 and like the previous semi final on the Saturday between hibs and Inverness go to penalty’s , for me their is nothing more gut wrenching than a shootout , it’s a lottery and to be fair to the players they shouldn’t have been in this position but fate would seem to be in sevcos hands this season and they were lucky to get through 5-4 in the shootout, the season now hinges on closing the league out …..in the remaining 5 games !!!..

It looks like a rebuild is on the cards from the manager to the players , I said months ago Ronnie deila should be allowed to finish the job then we would assess things at the end , obviously it’s clear he lost 70 per cent of the fans mid season , and no matter what happens I now think he will leave in the summer , I’m never a fan of putting added pressure on a manager but it does seem like Celtic fans have adopted this trait in the last few yrs ….

Decisions should be made at the end not half way through , I feel sorry for the boss as he’s had to handle a lot of abuse , in some way those fans have contributed to what’s been a disappointing season , even if we win the title ……… maybe the next boss will be afforded a bit more respect by those fickle fans….

 I’ve supported Ronnie throughout the campaign and I will do so till the last kick of the ball  change is coming whether I like it or not , I only wish it could have been in more respectful Conditions , I hope Ronnie Deila leaves the club knowing not all Celtic fans were against him and some  like myself  could see what he was trying to do , il wish the guy all the best he tryed he will leave with 3 trophy’s from 6 not a bad return if you ask me in 2 yrs , we’re all hurting from the Scottish cup result to SEVCO but tomorrow is another day and our values out way any so called revival from a bunch of cheats /tax evaders / and gerrymanders ….

The MSM will be creaming their pants at the result and you can bet most will run with a 40 page pull out of their favorites triumph ,just another crazy day in scotlands goldfish bowl hh

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No Mercy Should Be Afforded To Scotland’s Shame!!!


No mercy should be afforded to Scotland’s shame

Sunday 17 th April should go down as the day Celtic put Scotland’s shame SEVCO fc to the sword , their babbling on about winning a double and possibly a treble, and how they have won the most trophy’s in world football, delusional doesn’t even begin to cover the absolute trash that’s coming out of ibrox , the Msm and loyalist loving hacks are working at overdrive to spin any old story to try and derail Celtics preparations for Sunday’s big game…

The fact is Celtic should wipe the floor with a SEVCO team that is not even close man on man to Scotland’s most successful football team and soon to be champions for a 5 th year in a row , it doesn’t matter how much wibbly warbs said his teams ready come Sunday the loyalist bandwagon will come to a shuddering halt ,if Celtic play to a high tempo and Roberts is given the ball I can see us rip them a new arse , in the games the young man city loanee has played he’s lit up the games with his direct attacking and close control….

Other in form players such as Teirney and Griffiths will relish the game, having played SEVCO once before last year the Celtic team know what it’s like to win against Scotland’s newest club, if I was Ronnie Deila I would play the most attacking formation I can and fill the bench with potential goal scorers , I just don’t want Celtic to win this game , I want them to annihilate SEVCO , the tax avoiding EBT using loyalist tribute act deserve no mercy no quarter to be given , after the match on Sunday their has to be no doubt that Celtic are top dogs in Scotland and 10 in a row is a real target….


I’m going to go for 4-0 Celtic if we score more even better ,on the park Celtic have the tools to dispose of the govan trash and in the stands a battle will be won as well , we need to remind this lot of past crimes of big brother and now dead Rangers fc 1872-2012 when its all said and done Sunday afternoon the blue legions will slither home to whatever enclave they came from and realize their literally years behind Celtic in terms of budget , players on the park , infrastructure , the whole package , their stadium is a crumbling wreck and money to repair it is-int forthcoming …..

Their certainly not in any position to splash the cash , so you wonder where their end of season transfer budget is coming from bearing in mind they are receiving a severely reduced championship winning payout due to funds they owe the sfa , this is not a fixture I wished to see return to Scotland’s shores the club may be different but the same loyalist values apply , the blatant hatred of Catholics , the Irish anyone who wears a Celtic strip be it catholic, Christian, Muslim , or Protestant , these people have been raised to hate….


This is why this game takes on more significance a win for Celtic and it all stays the same as it has last 4 yrs peace and harmony , a win for SEVCO and the loyalist triumphalism will swell Scotland’s shores as the zombie hordes take to the streets with the butchers apron and you can be guaranteed that Scotland Sunday night will be a war zone , should SEVCO do the unthinkable and win it would be best to stay indoors Sunday as the baying mob will be out, for the sake of the Scottish game Celtic have to show up on Sunday and like in the league cup school the tribute act in the art of football played without cheating , Sunday is coming ever nearer and the establishment are praying for a SEVCO win anything they can hold on to let’s go out there on Sunday and play them off the park NO MERCY hh….

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“Rangers”: Walter Smith’s sense of entitlement remains despite bitter past



by Alas Lamentable, BBC Scotchland

Former “Ranger”s manager Walter Smith retains a sense of entitlement about the way the bitter “club” were treated after death, as a new tribute act version gears up for Premiership football.

Smith maintains the delusion that there was “no reason” for TRIggersBrooms FC to have to re-apply for admission into the league in the lowest tier.

“It’ll be a motivation to avoid admitting guilt – It is certainly a motivation for me,” said Smith.

He also believes the Ibrokes board “have to find a warchest” to back manager Mark Warbiola to compete in the top flight.

The new club are also mired in debt, but the old Rangers entered administration then liquidation in 2012, then died, and had to twist a few arms to re-write all the rules to re-enter the Scottish football pyramid in the fourth tier.

Smith fears that Sunday’s Scottish Cup semi-final against Celtic will undo…

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The “It’s Goodnight From Me…” Sketch

not the blogview


2004 signalled the end of an era at Ibrox and the Laptop Loyal were out in force to praise Caesar and not to bury him when the news broke that Murray was apparently stepping down as chairman of Rangers.

The hacks dutifully lined up to kiss Dave’s regal butt goodbye and no doubt many shed a lonely tear at the thought of no more cosy chats by the fireside in the oak-panneled office in Charlotte Square while having their tummies tickled and being supplied a steady stream of Bonio and science fiction copy for the early editions.

hacks ashole

True to form the party line was trotted out with all bar a few falling over one another to offer simpering tribute to the man who had almost single-handedly brought the cash-strapped club to the edge of a financial abyss.

According to Murray his reasons for going had nothing to do with Rangers’…

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A Pint Of Bitter

The Clumpany

Good Evening.

It was good to see Walter Smith holding court today in one of Sevconia’s premier hostelries: The Ragged Cardigan.Walter didn’t need to buy a round. He simply had to stare,thus delighting and terrifying his adoring MSM audience, who squealed as they fought each other to get him a drink.

And what did the legned have to drink? Why, a pint of bitter of course. Or perhaps it was a yard of wail? The exact size of the drink doesn’t really matter. It is simply sufficient to know that there was an awful lot of bitter wailing going on.

Walter sat in a quiet part of the pub: the snug. Or was it the smug? It was hard to tell. But his tale was a heart-rending one. Using a Sports Direct-branded ouija board he conjured up the spirits of entitlement, profligacy and misdirected grievance that could…

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2-1 v Motherwell – Sat, 9th April

2-1 v Motherwell – Sat, 9th April


thanks to celticgoals for the footage hh


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So finally, after four years of trying, Sevco have won the Petomane Cup. No doubt the Daily Record will have an eight-page pull-out to celebrate what The Peeppul are calling ‘The Dubble’. Hilariously, they’re bragging that they’ve won a trophy that Celtic will never have the opportunity of winning. Yes, we’re all seething with envy at the thought.

They’re also boasting that their team has now won every trophy it’s possible to win in Scotland. What – three lower-league titles and a diddy cup? Even if we were to accept the Big Lie then they’re still lacking one or two trophies. There was one called the Empire Exhibition Trophy and another called the Coronation Cup, both of which Rangers took part in and failed to even reach the final. The actual trophies are on display in another club’s trophy room; I forget which club it is.

With all the hyperbole…

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Cfc Gallerys




Enjoy the gallerys from this seasons games 18 new pics added to celtic 3-1 hearts hh


Scottish Premiership Celtic Park, Glasgow Saturday, April 2, 2016 CELTIC…3 (Mackay-Steven 15, Roberts 35, 49) HEARTS…1 (Walker 5) Kilmarnock 0-1 Celtic Rugby park Kilmarnock 19th March …

Source: Cfc Gallerys                            click source link to the left …..

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Dundee vs Celtic: Preview, team news and predicted XI

Celtic got a vital win in the early Saturday kick off against Hearts, beating them 3-1. The Jambos had hearts racing as they took a surprise lead, though it must be said it was a great strike from Walker.

It was a sign though that Celtic do have what it takes to see us winning this title race and when they need to get the results, they will often do so. Patrick Roberts lit the game up, he is extremely skillfull and took his two goals brilliantly. He has to start every game now.

That put the pressure back onto Aberdeen, who didn’t play until Sunday lunch time, but they had a training match more than anything as they comfortably beat Hamilton to cut the gap to 4 points again. Celtic of course still have the game in hand, which happens to be this one. A chance to go 7…

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From Indy celts.. SEVCO staring into a familiar abyss


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Win Sends Us To Dundee Full of Confidence – Celtic Boss Ronny Deila (Inside Futbol) — Celticnewsnow

8:53 PM Apr 3, 2016: Celtic manager Ronny Deila feels his side’s win over Hearts put them in a good place for Tuesday’s visit to Dundee…

via Win Sends Us To Dundee Full of Confidence – Celtic Boss Ronny Deila (Inside Futbol) — Celticnewsnow

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Neil Lennon has advice for Celtic ahead of Sevco tie (HITC) — Celticnewsnow

10:01 PM Apr 3, 2016: Ibrox side Sevco will take on O** F*** rivals Celtic in the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup this month…

via Neil Lennon has advice for Celtic ahead of Sevco tie (HITC) — Celticnewsnow

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EASTER 1916-2016 pictures/videos/links added to page HH





What was the Easter Rising? – video explainer http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/video/2016/mar/26/easter-rising-ireland-rebellion-video-explainer



CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS TO DOWNLOAD HH      LINKS       What was the Easter Rising? – video explainer           Below is …

Source: Eire/Palestine

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I Nearly Choked On My Cereal This Morning When I Read Sevco5088 Will Lose 250.000 Of There 474.750 Prize Money For Winning The Championship after losing EBT appeal



I nearly choked on my cereal this morning when I read sevco5088 will lose 250.000 of there 474.750 prize money for winning the championship after losing the EBT appeal,seriously somethings just make you smile,4 yrs later and the oldco are still haunting the phoenix club with there legal bills,the sfa will be rubbing their hands together at the thought of paying sevco 224.750 in prize money for a championship win,Dave king will be furious because the money is already in the control of the sfa and theres no getting out of paying it,because from history thats what THAT club does dodges liability and gerrymanders their way through a financial year…..

The smokescreens up at ibrox there finances are a lot poorer than they’d have us believe and with any financial hit on the club its painful,its hard to write this piece without absolutely pissing myself laughing,because i know just like a lot of other bloggers do this clubs doomed,its only a matter of time ,when rangers fc 1872-2012 were in exsistance they thought they could buy success ,David Murray the ultimate conman chucked money at varies managers to try to catch Celtic,in a endless failed attempts to emulate Celtic fine European cup win rangers spent money they didn’t have,continuously buying players they couldn’t afford ,so the ebt scheme was introduced to dodge tax payments and free up more money to be spent on a whim….



The past has a habit of catching up on cheats and the loyalist hoardes who follow the new club will be spewing,on one hand they want to be tagged with the same club moniker,but on the other they don’t want the liability ,on days like these when Ive not slept well and im a bit tired knowing their pain is a great tonic,with still yet more legal cases to be heard the ghost of rangers fc 1872-2012 is int going away anytime soon for sevco 5088 ,their expected win in the championship will see their maiden outing in the big league having come from the lower reaches of Scottish football,it wont be a picnic for the new club having already lost games to premier opposition on several occasions…

Our very own Celtic schooled them in the league cup last season and 2-0 should have been much more but Ronnie deila told the bhoys to go easy 2 nd half as he was worried about a riot in his first game against the weeco,we once again meet the tribute act in the Scottish cup in a few weeks and another bitch slapping is on the cards ,this time though id show no mercy…………………………….. So as one legal appeal is lost the bitter pill sevco will have to swallow will not be the last the tax-man is on there case still and if theres one thing about hector he always gets his wonga…..



when old Dave king thinks there s a wee lull in the hate towards his club up pops another reason to have a go at Scotlands shame,it used to be the celtic fans who hated rangers fc before death their adopted club sevco has taken the mantle now and all of Scotlands clubs feel disdain for them,justified it certainly is the institution is a embarrassment to the game their fans are the most vile hardcore loyalists that have been following the previous regime ,nxt season we will get a up close and personal look at these Neanderthals when they visit Scotlands premier league stadiums,advice would be prepare for your ears to be polluted with the poison of 300 odd yrs of loyalist Fenian hating ,angry writing is over im thinking back to the top headline 250.000 reasons why my day is going to be a good one….HAPPY EASTER AND GOD BLESS ….HH YNWA


Steven Mcnamara
Aka Maclad1888 HH


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Ronnie Roars…Rogic Scores!!!



With the international friendly’s dominating the Easter weekend we can reflect back on the kilmarnock game and the return of the Ronnie roar,it would take a special moment to win the rugby park game and it came from the wizard like boot of tom Rogic,this is a player Celtic need to tie down on a long term contract……




Rogic to be fair has struggled at times to feature in the squad but whenever he plays he never dissapoints,with a array of fine young talent at the club these days inc Teirney,Biton,and Allen Celtic and Ronnie seem to be building a youthful side ,the only problem being is Deila going to be given the time to finish the job he started ,its clear most Celtic fans seem to want a fresh approach,so time will tell if his vision will be achieved…

The manager was much criticized when that Rogic goal went in because he chose to celebrate wildly ,i feel this was a outpouring of emotion and love the guy has for the club ,he wants success and he wants to build a team of young players for the clubs future ,so why criticize the man for showing his feelings,and sharing that special moment with the fans…

Football fans can be fickle last season we won a double yet because it wasent a treble the club were having bad press ,this season we have a 4 point lead and a game in hand with 8 to play ,also a Scottish cup semi we should win easily against Scotlands newest football club ,so technically another double is a possibility ,yet still this is not enough,Rome wasent built in a day ,its a fairly well known saying but it rings true here ….




I feel im in the small minority of fans who are willing to give the guy one more season,its a opinion nothing more ,i can see what hes trying to do and it would be a terrible shame if another manager came in season 2016-17 and started dropping the youngsters for older experienced players a step backwards i feel,but yes like i said its my opinion….

Enough about the manger though it might already be to late as to many are against him staying,il focus more on the aspects of whats good and thats the development of good young players at the club,Celtic have a strong business model in place ,their not throwing money around on has-been players and there s no need to spend the 5 and 6 million pound we used to ,were doing it on a budget and why not maintain this approach,i get sick of the cries to spend exuberant amounts of money on players when there no need…

League business returns on the 2nd of April against hearts sitting third in the division hearts games are notoriously difficult but if Celtic get the win here it would go a long way to Celtic achieving 5 in a row,Aberdeen have been prone to slipping up and any loss or drawn games before the split could end their challenge,we will play them at some point in the last 5 games but whether it has a bearing on the outcome of the title the next few weeks will make things clearer…..

All thats left to say is enjoy your Easter weekend folks hh and GOD BLESS!!


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In the 16 campaigns from 1903/04 to 1918/19,celtic won the championship eleven times(with a six in a row sequence from 1904/05-1909/10)and the scottish cup six times When Celtic beat dunfermline 9-…

Source: Quotes

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