For 3 yrs now since i brought the blog over from blog.com to WordPress the main drive for the site has always been football ,mainly Celtic And The dead club Rangers fc 1872-2012 …with a Mention to the tribute act sevco5088 now and again……out-with football i follow many other sports inc,UFC and Motor Sport and i dabble in Wwe wrestling as well,of course thats more of a entertainment than a sport some will say,but nevertheless i enjoy it,so now that i have a established blog here on WordPress ,i might as well expand the reaches of the posts a bit to other sports,i intend to keep it contained in this particular page as a option to readers to check it out if its of interest to them,while keeping the core of the blog to football.




With his win, Miocic became the first heavyweight champion in UFC history to successfully defend his title three times in a row, as he extended his impressive record to 18-2.After the bout, Miocic made reference to the promotion of his opposite number heading into the contest, and replied with a shrug: “I’m not the scariest, but I am the baddest.”

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While many see this as a mismatch as mcgregor would be fighting in mayweathers world ,I do believe it will be a good scrap and mcgregor has a definite chance of winning , he has youth , weight , and knockout power ,of course floyd prides himself on being a guy who just doesn’t get hit, it intriguing for sure and a fight the world needs to see …..






Decent fight between the 2 veterans Tito wins the fight but he didn’t need to hold on to the headlock for a extra 2 or 3 seconds, big John McCarthy was not   happy with that from Tito ,Chael sonnen had the best of the early going in the fight …

In fact it was sonnen who had several headlocks on Ortiz , but somehow the Huntington Beach bad boy managed to pop his head out and eventually secure the W….

It’s always interesting seeing veterans fight and this was one of the better ones , enjoy the highlight s link above.

Come back for more Mma soon







UFC 205: Alvarez vs McGregor

Saturday, November 12

New York, USA

UFC Fight Night: Kim vs Nelson

Saturday, November 19

Belfast, Northern Ireland

UFC Fight Night: Bader vs Nogueira

Saturday, November 19

Sao Paulo, Brazil

UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Souza

Saturday, November 26

Melbourne, Australia’s

The Ultimate Fighter: 

A Tournament of Champions Finale

Saturday, December 3

Las Vegas, USA

UFC 206: Cormier vs Johnson

Saturday, December 10

Toronto, Canada

UFC 207: Nunes vs Rousey

Friday, December 30

Las Vegas, USA

Dominick Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt targeted for UFC 207

FOXSports.com33 mins ago

Chris Weidman: What I really think about fighting Michael Bisping

Daily Star2 hours ago
STARSPORT introduce you to the hottest Octagon girls in UFC. … Weidman’s next outing will see him take on Yoel Romero at UFC 205 on …
UFC: Gegard Mousasi says Conor McGregor is an idiot, should stop …
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Former champ Chris Weidman signed his new contract the day …
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Georges St-Pierre will find UFC is the most brutal opponent of his …

The Guardian (blog)14 hours ago
The UFC responded to St-Pierre’s statements, which came during an interview on the MMA Hour on Monday, by stating that one of the best …
Opinion: The Cost of UFC vs. GSP
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Conor McGregor makes big demand to the UFC: Let me do this!

Daily Star5 hours ago
McGregor understands why the UFC brass aren’t keen for him to retain both titles but doesn’t want to be forced to give up one of them straight …
Aldo meets with UFC’s White; no desire to fight
BlogESPN (blog)19 Oct 2016

Mcgreggor wins the 2 nd fight with a 3 rd at 155 on the cards






UFC199 Rockhold v Bisping

Was looking forward to the fight since the day it was announced Michael bisping was taking the fight on short notice after Chris Weidman Pulled out injured , bisping had somewhat been overlooked for a shot at the strap but finally everything fell into place and the UFC gave him his turn, for me personally it was well deserved…

The counts been around for over a decade and the fruits of his labours were realised at 5.45am Sunday morning when he stopped Rockhold in the 1st round knocking him down not once but twice before the stoppage , all this from a high volume puncher who’s said not to have knockout power , well that’s a myth now then at least..

No matter what happens from here on in bisping has realised his dream and won a world title , as far as the fight itself went bisping was fighting smart poking the jab in with regular occurrence while Rockhold was smashing kicks in the first round was pretty even with both fighters scoring and testing the ground..

bisping looked confident and Rockhold a bit sloppy with his defence so when the count hit him with the first big punch it rocked the champion who fell to the canvass he briefly managed to get back up but bisping smelled blood and charged in to rock the American once more , the referee stopped the fight as bisping leapt to the top of the cage the new middleweight champion of the world..

The headlines will be good in the uk next few weeks as we have another champion
from these shores , Michael bisping can enjoy it for 2,3 months anyway before the UFC will probably announce a new opponent , nobody can take the moment from him , I’ve watched all his fights And was glad this opportunity arose never one to shy away from a fight bisping holds the record for significant strikes in the ufc as well as a few others…

His next outing will equal Frank Mir and Tito Ortiz’s record of the most UFC fights (27) while winning the belt drew him level with Georges St-Pierre’s record of 19 wins inside the Octagon,And he also has the slowest resting heartbeat in the ufc , Although I think that might be through the roof now after his famous title win ….

Michael Bisping Fight Results


Story image for bisping record ufc from SkySports

Five talking points from UFC 199 as Michael Bisping created history

SkySports13 hours ago
Michael Bisping has become Britain’s first UFC champion but what did … Ortiz’srecord of the most UFC fights (27) while winning the belt drew …
UFC 199: Michael Bisping stops Luke Rockhold to claim title
OpinionSan Jose Mercury News4 Jun 2016
UFC 199: 10 Things We Learned Last Night
BlogThe Province (blog)5 Jun 2016


As i add to the page on UFC,WWE,MOTOR SPORTS,Il share on forums like facebook,twitter,and tumblr,while broadening the type of material il write about hopefully it will entice more people to follow the blog and share with freinds,the blog has grown in the last few yrs and will remain free to subscribe to etc,my goal for this year come end of 2016 is to have 250.000 hits which based on my averages so far is achievable,with adding new and interesting content i hope to bring in readers who wouldnt normally visit a football blog but once there actually here maybe check out and get interested in that aspect of my writing,we shall see…

Im going to kick things off today with my thoughts on the up and coming UFC cards 27th feb 2016 and 5th march 2016 in the feb event in London michael bisping takes on one of the greatest and explosive fighters the sport has ever seen in anderson silva,the count v the spider im really looking forward to the fight and being a huge bisping fan hope mike can pull it out the bag and win,stylistically on the feet bisping wins on strikes as hes one of the most active punchers in the game ,where anderson is dangerous is submissions and take downs,while bisping isint a notoriously known knockout finisher he will punch a guy into submission and wear him down and his cardio is amongst the best in the business,with a exciting card of british talent on show ,with pickett and manu just a few of the homegrown talents ,this is going to be a awesome event,if bisping can beat silva who knows where it will take him in dana whyte eyes …………..


5th March sees a interesting contest between conor mcgregor and nate diaz at ufc 196 ,diaz having stepped in to replace the injured dos anjos ,no titles on the line but one hell of a fight,nate is a scrapper like his brother nick diaz and with a height and weight advantage very dangerous for mcgregor,of course dos anjos would have been a tricky opponent for the irishman as well ,but mcgregor seems to have his opponents beat before they even get to octagon side with his mind games ,quickly becoming the undertaker of wwe fame of the ufc conor mcgregor has put himself out there as the no 1 face of the ufc……….


I actually like nate diaz and would put him in my top 5 fighters but i have to go with the fighting irish mcgregor to win this fight ,im seeing a war between the 2 next week and probably a decision to conar,of course in the press conference mcgregor said hed put diaz away in round one,and after his stunning knockout of aldo he may have a case,but my opinion is the step up in weight class wont be easy and if conar can win the fight by whatever means he will be happy,after that who knows his next opponent the win would see the dos anjos fight for the future,certainly Frankie Edgar awaits in the wings for mcgregers belt so that might come nxt….

its certainly a interesting time in conar mcgregors career theirs plenty of options nxt few yrs and plenty of heavy heavy paychecks for him,what hes done since rising to the top of the game in america shows what you can do with great effort and endevour,and a gift of the gab…………..

Predictions for the 2 main events …

Bisping by decision

Mcgreggor by decision



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