Mcgregor V Mayweather


Who wins McGregor or Mayweather

They both win Anthony Johnson is so correct who cares who wins there’s no belt it’s just a fight chi Ching dollar dollar ­čĺÁ both guys are going to be on everyone’s mind nxt few months , their bank accounts are getting a huge injection , biggest event in sport in yrs il be watching , I respect Floyd as a boxer but I’m a huge Mcgregor fan and I ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ the Irish ­čŹÇ whoever wins don’t matter as they’ll be superstars after this fight , and who’s to say their won’t be a 2 nd fight if say McGregor wins ..

.­čĄĹanother 180 million dollar split , these guys aren’t stupid they’ve been punched about the head , but it’s about the money both are trying to make as much as they can before they can’t anymore , I see 2 fights no matter what the result in August ,if mayweather wins I see McGregor calling him to his yard and if Connar wins theirs obviously going to be a 2 nd fight , this time next year both fighters will still be on everyone’s mind , good on them both , it’s great theatre and drama and the build up to any fight is usually more entertaining than the event it’s self , so the press conferences and media calls interviews we have all that to look forward to I can’t wait …..


Connar Mcgregor won round 2 of the tour but the fans are firmly in the Irishmans corner both nights so far The pay your taxes chants lol ­čśé