Mcgregor V Mayweather

People who know nothing about fighting need to shut the hell up ..

It’s only their dislike for Mcgregor that’s at the forefront of their minds ..

The record books will have it as a defeat but Conor will have learned a lot from this fight, he mentioned several times about Floyd Mayweathers composure but I’d like to give McGregor props for his ….

Coming from a MMA background when you get punched in the face it’s your natural instinct to go to war and use all your tools available to win the day,boxing,wrestling,ju-Jitsu-karate etc ..


So for Conor to stick to boxing Queensbury rules was admirable and in fact it was he that was also very composed in the face of a 49/0 champion ..

The haters will always look to find negatives to boost their own failing ego , sad irrelevant people who have no other way of filling their mundane day !

The fight lived up To the hype Mcgregor put on a good show against Mayweather no matter how you want to portrait it he still went 10 rounds and hit Floyd with more punches than any of the top boxing contenders he had previously faced .

Look at the end of the day who made 80 million dollars 💵 for a 10 round fight against The greatest boxer of our generation , who’s the guy who is still top of the Mma world ..


Aug 26, 2017; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Floyd Mayweather Jr. lands a hit against Conor McGregor during a boxing match at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We’re nearly 24 hours on from the Mayweather v Mcgregor fight and I can’t help but feel proud of the notorious one for a dam good showing …

Look know one gave him a hope of landing a punch , winning a round , let alone getting to round 10 and hitting Floyd with more punches than any of his big name competitors down the years ..


It looked awkward at times but remember this was Connar’s first fight under Queensbury rules in a boxing ring , he held his own pretty well , and surprised a lot of people by keeping it clean , breaking when told and staying composed and not fighting dirty…

Maybe that’s what he should have done to win this fight but respect to the guy for even getting in their with a 49-0 champion ,I watched the fight on PPV and I enjoyed it very much ..

I said it last month in a post Connar Mcgregor had to do the Buisness in the first 5 rounds and basically he did I had him winning the first 3 clear and maybe round 4 with 5 th close and possibly the turning point for Mayweather …

He knew Mcgregor would be tiring and with his boxing craft started to pick the Irishman apart with the jab, from here on in to the TKO in round 10 the 49-0 champ just used his wealth of boxing knowledge to win the fight …
It was a lot closer than many people anticipated even Floyd himself gave Connar Mcgregor props after the fight ,to come from MMA to a boxing match over 12 three minute rounds is crazy ..


Connar’s body is used to 3-5 rounds in Mma and it showed but I do agree with his analysis that he was fatigued in that 10 th round and perhaps the ref should have let him hit the canvass proper …


Who know what the final 2 rounds would have produced had Connar not been stopped , I really believe that Mcgregor and Mayweather respect the hell out one another and even more so now this fight is done …

So to all the haters all the hacks all the keyboard warriors all the jealous individuals who wanted Connar Mcgregor to fail , shame on you ..

He proved you all wrong he took 10 rounds of Floyd he hit him with more punches than guys who were seasoned boxing pros and he done it with a bit of class ..

So F#C# the haters your the only ones with yer balls in yer hands looking for a new target your all so irrelevant because while Connar and Floyd are reveling in their millions made from the fight your scrapping last nights shit of your toilet bowl ……..

Well done to both fighters they put on a good show after all the hype ,Floyd retires with his record intact and Connar moves on with his career with a big fat juicy cheque …..




Who wins McGregor or Mayweather

They both win Anthony Johnson is so correct who cares who wins there’s no belt it’s just a fight chi Ching dollar dollar 💵 both guys are going to be on everyone’s mind nxt few months , their bank accounts are getting a huge injection , biggest event in sport in yrs il be watching , I respect Floyd as a boxer but I’m a huge Mcgregor fan and I ❤️ the Irish 🍀 whoever wins don’t matter as they’ll be superstars after this fight , and who’s to say their won’t be a 2 nd fight if say McGregor wins ..

.🤑another 180 million dollar split , these guys aren’t stupid they’ve been punched about the head , but it’s about the money both are trying to make as much as they can before they can’t anymore , I see 2 fights no matter what the result in August ,if mayweather wins I see McGregor calling him to his yard and if Connar wins theirs obviously going to be a 2 nd fight , this time next year both fighters will still be on everyone’s mind , good on them both , it’s great theatre and drama and the build up to any fight is usually more entertaining than the event it’s self , so the press conferences and media calls interviews we have all that to look forward to I can’t wait …..


Connar Mcgregor won round 2 of the tour but the fans are firmly in the Irishmans corner both nights so far The pay your taxes chants lol 😂