Dont Know Whats More Dissapointing The Molde Result Or The Witchunt Of Celtic Manager Deila…


Poor tonight but not really that bothered Europe doesn’t really concern me it’s a bonus no more and I’m still firmly behind Deila it’s clear the players let him down again tonight , Gordon , Ambrose, Johansen, Griffiths let’s have a go at them even Brown was bad , this is the first time this season I think I feel critical of a display by the team , the zonal system has to go , Deila can take his portion of blame but we need to be fair with criticism, I couldn’t care less if we never played European football again , domestic success is our bread and butter these games are nothing more than a nice bonus ,fans need to forget 67 those days are gone forever unless massive investment is put into the club and a rebuild takes place wholesale,do fans really want that ,you think its bad just now but imagine how long it would take to start again from grassroots right up to where we are now,tough to think we can never compete at the highest level in Europe again , but that’s the reality I don’t like saying it but it’s true , it’s 30 mins since full-time and ive forgotten about the loss as far as I’m concerned Dundee Utd Sunday in the premier league…is my focus…

Im disappointed tonight yes with the result and the display but im more upset at the witch hunt im witnessing on social media outlets of our manager and coaching team,of course there is blame to be laid at their feet but to vindicate one man for all that’s Bad at the club is wrong on so many levels I’m not suggesting fans accept whats going on im just saying it shouldnt all fall on the managers head , I’m a realist , I respect everyone’s opinion , but I can see our level , and were needing a serious rebuild , but to lay the blame on one mans shoulders is wrong and I ain’t advocating that…..


So what some fans are saying is someone needs to be blamed for all the things wrong with the club, and hey the easiest way to solve the problem is to blame Deila , while all the deep-rooted problems will remain, it’s a cowards way out to pick a patsy , there suggesting the board do that , this is nothing new we are operating in the worst financial climate as a club in 50 yrs , answers can be found but not if we are at each other’s throats all the time,Europe’s top bosses are falling over themselves to get to the east end of Glasgow after all I can see the headlines , stop blaming Deila and look at the big picture tonight was all the team…

We simply didn’t show up tonight in the driving rain on a plastic pitch apart from an opening flurry,molde took the bull by the horns and punished us Gordon was left exposed for the first goal but getting beat near post is unforgivable,the 2nd goal was well taken with our back already to the wall the Norwegians were creating good chances and had it not been for bad finishing could have been even better off than 2-0 at half time,Celtic pulled a goal back early in the second half a mistake in the molde defence left commons on the ball and he finished smartly with a controlled shot ,this should have been the que to build a comeback but within 46 seconds molde had reopened a 2 goal lead,from there on in Celtic weren’t even in the game ,there was no directness about the play ,yes we had a lot of possession throughout the game but it was all to slow and square….

So the headlines tomorrow have already been put in motion ,Celtic lose again in europe,is Deila the man for the job,Commons loses the plot,dismal display yadiyadiya same old tat every time celtic lose,I don’t buy into any of the negativity im disappointed we lost yes,we didn’t deserve anything from the game but I believe the club will sort it out…. late december if we are out of europe will I care not really ,but I wont judge anyone until may next yr when it’s all said and done ,because im pretty sure we will have another league title and at least 1 cup,who knows what the future holds for the club ,all I do know is blame shouldnt be put on one mans shoulders the manager is always the first person to lose the job ,maybe we should start sacking players who don’t perform,all im asking is fair criticism for all and not the witch hunt that ensues after a loss..




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THE CELTIC FOOTSOLDIERS MACLAD1888 The blog was setup over 6 years ago its mainly about celtic football club and the great fans ,but olso the wider footballing issues in scotland like Rangers fc deceased 1873-2012-and there piriah club Sevco .... its always developing and its not the finished article theres pages at the top which are works in progress..the core off the blog is fully operational and theres more than enough for people to get through,im always adding enjoy it and share...this club off ours is very special its like no other and the celtic family is worldwide hh and god bless YNWA
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11 Responses to Dont Know Whats More Dissapointing The Molde Result Or The Witchunt Of Celtic Manager Deila…

  1. Maclad1888 says:

    the manager is always the first person to lose the job ,maybe we should start sacking players who don’t perform,all im asking is fair criticism for all

    and not the witch hunt that ensues after a loss…..

    At what point did I say it wasent the managers fault if you read the post I’m being honest and saying there are problems at the club, but it’s the club as a whole that needs to sort it out and there are many people to blame, fans are looking over the points I made suggesting you can’t just blame Ronnie , as far as the European football comment goes I’ve had it in the ear about that all day , and to be honest I knew I would get shafted with that comment , but what’s the point of not being honest and papering over the cracks , were not a big European force we never were hh


  2. Barry broon says:

    Seriously what tablets is the guy who wrote this on??? Domestic success is are bread and butter and european nights dont matter hahaha are you serious??? Ronny and collins out the door asap the 2 of them sitting scratchin there chin the dugout every single game no shake up in tactics no instruction directed at the team


  3. Roibeard says:

    Sorry Steven cannot agree with you the manager hasn’t got it, our once great club is to big for him, and to say Europe is a bonus is wrong, Europe is the future, if you ask our board to join a league in Europe and leave Scottish football they’d be off like a shot


  4. Jim C says:

    We cannot expect to win every game in Europe within the current climate. We have been let down by players that have played better last season. Whilst in the SPFL we can only hope to be in the CL and have to accept the Europa League which is still European football and can be exciting and a change from the SPFL games. Delia should not shoulder all of the blame we have only lost 3 games this season. Keep the faith Hail Hail

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    • Maclad1888 says:

      Exactly Jim this is what baffles me people think we should win every game that’s just not realistic, and if you have a opinion your shot down in flames , not the Generation of Celtic fans I grew up with , to many divisions in the support , were more fractured now than ever have been hh


  5. Maclad1888 says:

    Well played for the colourful language so this is how we comunicate , somebody speaks the truth and you resort to aggressive and foul language you both need to grow up , il leave your daft comments on the post , because to remove them would be unfair to your attempt at dialogue hh


  6. Damien says:

    What clown wrote this piece?
    He doesn’t care if we don’t play European football again? The manager is being unfairly criticised? A Witchunt even? I know there’s been a lot of talk recently about the “Back to the future” day so I’m guessing he has his very own DeLorean and he’s travelled back to the 1st of April as this is surely a windup!!! Failing that he’s just another bedroom supporter who watches the games on some dodgy stream with Iranian commentary. Hugh Keevins wannabe!!!


  7. Paul McGachan says:

    ….”not really bothered,Europe doesn’t concern me”,,,,,what planet are you on mate?…”Europe” is everything,whether winning the fucking thing or qualifying for the last sixteen-what has happened to the younger Tim malloys?-are they so consumed by Sky Sports that they forgot who the fuck they are and what we represent?..We struggle, we re-build,we dump idiot board’s,and push against the odds.take over our own club like the Germans and we eventually win! Not console ourselves with mediocrity like fucking Spurs or Rangers!…Fuck up and Man up and stop being a fucking daft wee lassie …..Up The RA!


  8. vinnycsc says:

    Sorry mate, but that is ridiculous. Nobody expects us to win the Champions League, but respectability is vital, not just a bonus. Ronny shoulders as much blame or more as the players. The teams he has consistently lost to would kill to have the budget he has for players.
    The fact that Commons walked right by Ronny without a word to have a go at Collins tells you who is really running the show. We have become a joke.
    There is no excuse for our futility. This is not a witch hunt, it is a reality check.


    • Maclad1888 says:

      i wouldnt mind if others were being blamed but its all deila over social media and tommorows papers will be the same,theres 5 or 6 players there who should hold ther hands up,will we sack them as well,it always comes down to the manager to be fall guy,all im saying thats not fair man hh


      • vinnycsc says:

        The players should, and do take it in the neck as well. But at the end of the day Ronny didn’t make a sub until the last 15 min and didn’t use them all!`The flack the players get starts with him. Johansen was invisible but God forbid Ronny take him off for Ciftci. Take the goal scorer and only creative influence on the park off. We had scored 5 goals in Europa coming into that game, Commons stats – scored 2 assisted 3. Why on earth does he come off?
        There are many fans who expect the world from us, I am realistic. But if Ronny can’t see off these teams that operate on a fraction of our budget then he is not up to the task of being the manager of a team as big as we are.
        Hail Hail and keep the faith mate.


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