Ashley To Write New Chapter In Sevco5088 Saga..

Rangers: Mike Ashley funding deal staves off administration


It’s been a while since I’ve cast a thought to sevco 5088 why because I don’t see them as relevant, it’s hard to take the tribute act seriously along with their crazy………………….. still follow the titbits of news on the Internet and the daily rags but to be honest there a distant memory, you see Celtic have moved on and are so far ahead of Them that the thought of a return to the big leagues for sevco5088 fills me with the need to piss myself laughing…

The fun continues down Edmondson way where they stutter daily trying to survive it’s really a disaster waiting to happen,the funny thing is 2 and a half yrs into the demise of big brother rangers, tax cases are at appeal and cases against the dead club are still on going, it’s said that it will take 5 yrs to sort out the mess of the oldco,this is the dream scenario for me personally,if the tribute act can survive the next few yrs…the pain of the oldco will come back to haunt the bastard club, hector the tax man won’t dismiss the chance to recover monies owed…..

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While Ashley and kings consortium’s fight over the Bones of Charlie greens sevco the uncertainty continues on whether the ailing tribute act can see out the month of November financially with wages and overheads due,what always surprises me how a club can survive like this for 1 season far less the 2 and a half of sevco5088 s existence, anyone who’s not perhaps clued up on the govan clubs affairs may have come across this post and be asking who the he’ll are this sevco5088 mob…..

Well let me enlighten you their a club formed early 2012 from the ashes of the once premier league club rangers football club who were Administrated then Liquidated, they play in the same stadium wear the same strip, but don’t be conned by there dillusionary fans it’s a new club a new history and there a disaster waiting to happen,the events of the last 2 and a half yrs have been a comedy cavalcade to follow,off the park the infighting has been ongoing daily…………..

On the park there have been a few shambolic events in divisions 3 and 2 from previous seasons, now there struggling to keep up with Hearts who top the championship ………….9 points behind already and in a dogfight for a playoff place, the team is held together by a group of hasbeens,hatchetmen,conmen,and betting cheats….and a manager in ally mccoist who is. Clueless and tactically nieve,the next few weeks if not months will be an interesting period……….


when you’ve witnessed the death of one of the most vile disgusting institutions in Scottish football history, it’s refreshing that the phoenix club of that institutions very existence hangs in the balance, how many happy moments can a Celtic fan have in one period, some might think me bitter to want sevco5088 to die I want justice not too much to ask when, big brother rangers conned the taxman out of 140 million quid of taxpayers money and continues to claim the same club moniker………….

il be happy when they remain no more and ibrox is raised to the ground only then will I believe justice has prevailed,im just hearing as I write that Mike Ashley has gained control of sevco and is putting in a 2 million pound bridging loan and they were according to sources just 48 hrs from a liquidation event. ,the next chapter in the sevco5088 saga has begun…hh god bless

Richard Gordon was joined by Chris McLaughlin, Richard Wilson, and Tom English, as they discussed the Newcastle owner Mike Ashley’s loan of £2million pounds to Rangers – which according to one senior Ibrox source was just 48 hours away from going into administration.



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