Violence Erupts in Glasgow.. 1.617.989 Reasons Why The Unions Dead…!!

_77708936_reuters 1.617.989 Reasons Why The Unions Dead

Frid sep 19 th goes down as a sad yet proud day for Scotland…sad because we lost the vote for
independence…but proud that 1.617.989 patriots decided to vote… ..YES…….the result will tell you that Scotland is definitely a split nation, this so-called union is done, at least in the 45 per cent on the YES side, what’s disturbing in this referendum is the religious divides that can’t be overlooked, the loyalists and the orangemen, the unionists and the Protestant royalists who clearly were never going to allow the rag…the butchers apron simply to disappear even at the cost of freedom from Westminster…..
How ignorant and stupid these people are, also where we’re the other million voters who simply didn’t turn up, having been undecided myself for almost 2 yrs then deciding to vote YES I feel this is a huge blow for Scotland,my decision was based on many things, I won’t go into them now, there’s no point I’m annoyed because I really thought the Scottish people who voted NO had more passion and love for their country, but again it comes back to that old chestnut religious divides, throughout history catholics have fought oppression in Scotland and Ireland, it seems the undertones of loyalism are rife in Scotland, of that you can be sure now………………………………………….
All you need to do is visit George Square tonight where the racist neo nazi union jack brigade are out in full force,whats more galling is the reports of them burning Scottish saltires how is that even possible I can’t quite get my head around that…they’d rather do that than grab freedom, the orange order,Vanguard bears ukip,etc must all be very proud today,there vile presence in George Square this evening was truly a representation of the NO voters………………………
The images and video are just a small portion of what was available on social media, I and other bloggers are posting this material, Facebook and Twitter are full of these images of racism,natzism,loyalism,orangism,yet our media sways away from the truth…scotland what have you done..youve just given the ukip..neo natzi loyalists the platform to run riot,mark my words this is just the beginning the orange order and the loyalists were always going to do this whether it was yes or no, Scotland will soon become a little ulster the union demands it and the scared population delivered it shame on you……
Of course my thoughts might be seen as silly, but in the build up to the vote ,the intimidation shown by the NO camp was deplorable, even yesterday as people went off to vote the NO camps supporters were hanging like cock roaches at the polling stations, yes our nation is broken… and last night was our only chance…… the YES camp might not have secured Independence but every voter who voted YES are patriots not cowards like the 2 million arse.. licking loyalists …………………………………………
 I pondered on my YES vote for a long time but at the end of the day I can proudly say I feel like a patriotic scot,im not a sellout to Westminster and the crown, the butchers apron, a dead football club..loyalists are parasites and cowards, no backbone and no morals….when I put my x in the box I was doing it for family and the love of my nation…il sleep easy tonight knowing I was right with 45 per cent of this great nation, while the poisonous hoardes plan their nxt attack.stay safe the patriotic ones our conscience is clear and our hearts free …………………….
GOD BLESS SCOTLAND…………………………………………
COWARDS… NO 2,001,926 (55%)
PATRIOTS YES 1,617,989 (45%)
Westminster lovelly jubbly SAD DAY


           loyalists morons on Glasgow’s streets



The 2 videos below are only a few of several that were filmed last night this is sadly unionist Scotland at its best ……………  ….click link to go to video

lLoyalists morons on Glasgow’s streets link to go to video..

No voter attacking yes voter while the baying loyalist mob looks on …


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4 Responses to Violence Erupts in Glasgow.. 1.617.989 Reasons Why The Unions Dead…!!

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  2. There’s a lovely country next door with a growing economy that would welcome a couple of million tax payers.


    • Maclad1888 says:

      Yeah maybe if they payed there taxes scotland wouldn’t be In Such a state, last night was a taster of what’s to come …it’s a concern for the future…racism. facism…under the union flag…


  3. robbiepdunn says:

    We’ll done everyone hold your head high it’s a step on the road.


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