Sevco5088’Pain-No Gain’


The news coming out of ibrox park on Thurs evening 24th april was nothing new sevco5088 are again on the brink of oblivion ,well the first time for this particular club big brother rangers 1873-2012 died in 2012 ,the newco have been bumbling along for the past 2 and a half yrs from one tragedy to another….they still cant get their house in order ,major shareholder and alleged crook sandy easdale has claimed he very worried about the position of sevco ”’is it the club your worried about mr easdale or the large amount off wonga that’s your concern…
Listen guys like this are 2 a penny in my estimation, there all charlatans none of them care about sevco or the fans who like to believe there following the same club they did pre-liquidation,Craig whyte came followed by Charles green and both are chasing sevco for millions,as a normal fan of the game who just likes to go and watch his team ”the one bye the way that pays its bills and taxes” im still annoyed that even now after all that’s passed they rangers 1873-2012  deceased got away with a tax bill that was estimated at 140 million pounds…
Just for a second lets look at that figure ….seeing it written in black and white or even saying it just doesnt portray the sheer enormity of what rangers actually got away with,through it all there was never an apology ,not that that would be any solace to the creditors owed money,but this institution robbed Scotland of these taxes that could have been put back into the nations coffers for ,hospitals,the homeless,the elderly ,and much-needed services in Scotland,and what off the cost to the nation for these tax cases against rangers ,the whole sorry event has blackened the name of Scotland ………for that they should also be ashamed ,but the apologys and paybacks will never come……….instead there crawling around playing newco with sevco….
The boardroom battles go on and the emergence off dave king once again last month only makes their plight more severe ….he along with the union of fans want to withhold season ticket money placing it in a holding account …can they not see that cracks like these will only damage the club …the next few months will be interesting how many season tickets will sevco sell how many will back dave kings venture ,for fans looking in on this cartoon cavalcade …its time it ended we’ve had our fun ,its justice we want now….
That can only be achieved by the first administration of sevco followed by there immediate liquidation no sevco then no sevco now no sevco ever……………………..
Hail Hail

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THE CELTIC FOOTSOLDIERS MACLAD1888 The blog was setup over 6 years ago its mainly about celtic football club and the great fans ,but olso the wider footballing issues in scotland like Rangers fc deceased 1873-2012-and there piriah club Sevco .... its always developing and its not the finished article theres pages at the top which are works in progress..the core off the blog is fully operational and theres more than enough for people to get through,im always adding enjoy it and share...this club off ours is very special its like no other and the celtic family is worldwide hh and god bless YNWA
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