Recipe for Violence


Glasgow Bloody Sunday march rerouted amid fears of disorder

Curbs have been placed on an Irish Republican parade, commemorating the Bloody Sunday killings of 14 civilians by the British Army in Northern Ireland in 1972, following concerns of counter-demonstrations and disorder.

Glasgow city council have made a huge mistake allowing the parasites the regimental blues to counter march the bloody sunday march on this coming sunday,its a recipe for violence, on such a delicate subject,the people making these foolish decisions,are beyond for thesr cretins the regimental blues there a bunch of loyalist thugs helbent on urge my fellow tims to take care sunday and remember its a peaceful parade to remember the people slaughtered in cold blood by the brits…..

I decided to tweet the organisation in question and below are the responses,while there entitled to there views surely anyone with a brain can see this is provocation and will lead to nothing but violence on sunday.

IMG_00001447  IMG_00001446

The response i got from them just how stupid they are ,the marches could have been held at different times to avoid trouble,they tried to say they hadent had trouble at there events aye because this is the first one thats high profile and likley to be a problem,olso condoning the murder of innocents saying the paramilitries shot first,blood on there hands still to this day ,olso waffling on about its our right to protest like its yours to march,had to laugh there hh ive posted the tweets below…

IMG_00001445  IMG_00001444

LETS hope sundays peaceful march passes of without trouble ,provocation is likely and we need to remember the reason for the march,the regimental blues will try to disrupt the demo im sure, its there reason for staging there own demo why else do it in conjuction with the bloody sunday one…stay safe and god bless


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