Israel STOP This Genocide……The West Hang Your Head In Shame!!!


Theres always 2 sides to every story and the ever escalating events in the Gazza strip throw up many such stories,there’s life’s being lost on both sides of the conflict but the numbers don’t add up,this isnt a fair fight …..while the Palestinians have mobile rockets as there most sophisticated weapon of choice at their disposal,Israel has the best anti rocket system on the planet payed for by the west ,it has an elite army and airforce and has the Palestinian people boxed in with its navy at sea..all of the above being payed for by the west ..the uk and usa have a lot to answer for with regards to this enclave in the middle east..this foothold is obviously worth the slaughter of innocents on both sides …

now im not as ignorant to dismiss the fact that Israelis are losing there lifes as well as Palestinians,that would be wrong any life lost for financial gain or oil is wrong,the jews should never have been placed there in the first place …the land was stolen from the Palestinian people and like any citizen theve been fighting for yrs to win it back…

but the west seen this as a good opportunity to build a nation and arm it to the teeth to have some sort of control in the region,it’s not paranoia its fact ….


This war has been going on for yrs think of the lives lost ,at some point Israel will accept a ceasefire it always does ,but by then thousands will have died …the west will try to sweep it under the carpet yet again till the next time,its time Israel were punished for crimes against humanity..of course they will speak about their losses ,but compared to Palestines casualty list its night and day,they shouldnt be able to hide behind their dead …guilty of hanus slaughter of women and children and innocent unarmed men….


we can sit here and talk of this all day,while the main stream medias coverage of this is stifled by baby Georges first birthday,and the commonwealth games ,human beings are being slaughtered right now as i write this very post,only yesterday i saw a video that upset me so much that i had to do this post,a young man searching for survivors of a bomb blast shot in the hand by a sniper who waited for a few more minutes to see if he could entice in any other victims to shoot before finally shooting the young man dead,this is the kind of mentality the israeli troops have been brainwashed with it’s sickening and wrong at every level…



War is a dirty business but if one side is significantly weaker than the other than usually the wider world steps in to help ,it just seems that because Palestine has nothing to offer the west there going to stand idly by and watch this develop…shame on you !!!!..

Its time Israel was punished not let off till the next time right now as i write another Palestinian life may have been lost more to many …this has to stop and the west has to be seen at the forefront of it all ,if not is it really surprising that the middle eastern people see us as an enemy for there jihad …i hope good sense and justice prevail…………………..



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I Believe In Karma- By Billy No Well


Billy no wells videos have been a great source of humor for the football bampots across the country,always reminding the Zombies we shall never forget yer crimes, a big hail hail goes out to Billy no well for another fine peice of media jiggerypokery…hh

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Who”’DO You Think You Are Mr David Murray”’!!



Rangers chairman Murray sits alongside newly appointed team manager Smith during a news conference near Glasgow Scotland

So David Murray thinks he deserves to make comment on the HMRC tax case against rangers 1873-2012 deceased, he comes squirming from under his rock after 2 yrs, speaking to the Msm trying to blame everyone except himself for the mess at the dead defunct club rangers 1873-2012.

This charlatan makes my blood boil, I see Murray as the main protagonist in the biggest tax cover up in UK history, sir David s long con left rangers dead but how many other innocents were affected by his mismanagement, 140 odd creditors lay wasted 2 and a half yrs ago, I doubt many off them have recovered from this DEBACKLE..

Yet Murray thinks it’s ok to stick another dagger into these people claiming the club he ran done no wrong, it sickens me to the pit off my stomach to see him. Rambling on about club dodo, there dead sir David never to return accept it like most of scotlands other fans.

The phoenix club that reside at Castle greyskull now are the mickey mouse team that rangers always were, always in the shadow of celtic…the jelousy from Edmondson drive was what killed off Scotlands pariah club,David Murray was at the forefront off all the underhand dealings with regards to ebts and tax ,yet the man walks off scot-free…

only to return from time to time to lay blame elsewhere,yes Craig Whyte and Charles green seen a fast buck and both failed …Whyte taking the sinking ship to oblivion but sir David Murray the biggest charlatan of them all its you who is guilty of fraud and tax evasion its your dead club rangers 1873-2012 who’s guilty of cheating and dirty tricks..

your hands are awash with lies and decite……

Why has David Murray never been demonized by the msm …and why has hmrc never took him to task ,is he above the law ….it is a huge slap in the face to all decent citizens of our great nation that this man get away with fraud and embezzlement,one day his crimes will come back to haunt him ,the sooner the better hh


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World cup Report 3

WELCOME TO BRAZIL - FIFA World Cup 2014 Wallpaper

Wow what can i say about this world cup that already hasent been said ,were all enjoying it so much …for a tournament that was supposed to be doomed from the start it’s probably been the best one for yrs…ive seen 10 world cups that i remember …usa 1990 i recall i thought was good ..but brazil 2014 probably tops even that…

The stadiums have been packed the crowds have been colourful and noisy and the football has been breathtaking sometimes…with the exception of a few games ive seen most of the games and the commitment on show from some of the lesser known teams has been great…

0613_brazil_home_970-630x420 brasil-wc-fans

Take Ghana and Columbia in the earlier rounds and Costa Rica right up until last nights epic against holland ….i didn’t think any of the 2 teams deserved to lose because it was like ping-pong back and forth and it was  edge of the seat stuff…there always has to be a loser though and Costa Rica were gallant losers …eventually on penalties…


were into the semi final stages now where brazil will play germany and holland will take on Argentina…the showpiece final would probably be brazil v argentina but the Europeans will still have a big say in the final combatants…

from a personal point of view i don’t care who gets to the final or wins it ,il be sad to see the end of this fine competition …its been a month of pure delight …brazil organisers should be congratulated for putting on a fine spectacular….

if i was being forced to pick a winner id probably opt for germany now as my picks belgium are out ….you can never count them out and they have that knack of getting the job done ,im hoping for 2 great semi finals on tues and wed …keep it coming….





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Down Memory Lane-2000-2005-Dominating Rangers 1873-2012 Deceased…


A great time to be a celtic fan……………………….. when your team is destroying the main opposition…rangers 1873-2012 deceased -those fans must look back and wonder how come we can’t have them days back,well of course it can never happen its resigned to history rangers died as a football club in 2012 and the old firm moniker died with it,we only have our memories and there’s some real classics from this period,the club was truly blest with fine player at that time,Sutton,larsson,hartson,to name a few………………..

who was to know that just a few yrs later celtic oldest rival rangers 1873-2012 would be liquidated and kicked out the premier league by the sfa all but 1 off the spl clubs voting to cast them out,during a period when clear cheating was going on by rangers 1873-2012 unknown to everyone else outside Edmondson drive,celtic still managed to dominate a club who had been hanging on the hoops coattails for yrs,the jealously from ibrox was at its peak as game after game celtic played them aff the park….

download  celtic 2-1  rangers 25th nov 2001

when i think of rangers 1873-2012 today it’s as i write 2 and a half yrs ago they went bust-il not lie i loved the old firm games but had i known what i know now of the goings on behind the scenes i would have been crying from the rooftops to have THEM gone just like they are today,in sport there’s no room for cheats,rangers were consumate cheaters they bent the rules to suit their agenda and finally it caught up with them,in the shadow off celtic they lived and in the shadow of celtic they died…

Below are some of the games that Highlighted Celtics dominance enjoy the memories hh..

Thursday, 8 February, 2001

Celtic clinch stormy semi-final in League Cup

Celtic 3-1 Rangers

Three players were sent off and referee Willie Young awarded two disputed penalties as the Old Firm semi-final boiled over into controversy.But it was Celtic who emerged the victors to deservedly take their place in the final against Kilmarnock.Celtic took command with goals from Chris Sutton and Henrik Larsson after only 17 minutes.Jorg Albertz brought Rangers back into the game shortly before the break from the spot.

But Larsson killed off the reigning league champions with another penalty in the second-half.I wasn’t satisfied with some of my players and I’m not happy with how they behaved ……Dick Advocaat,Rangers lost their discipline at that point and Claudio Reyna was sent off minutes from the end after being shown a second yellow card for a lunging tackle on Bobby Petta.In the melee that followed, Celtic substitute Lubo Moravcik and Rangers replacement Michael Mols were both shown red cards and Celtic’s Neil Lennon was lucky not to follow.

Rangers captain Barry Ferguson and winger Neil McCann had returned from suspension and midfielder Jorg Albertz was back in the squad after an ankle injury.But Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Craig Moore, Lorenzo Amoruso, Billy Dodds, Sergio Porrini and Ronald de Boer all remained on the sidelines.Belgian defender Joos Valgaeren was out injured for Celtic.Petta was injured in training and was on the bench, but midfielder Stilian Petrov was back from suspension and international duty.Jonathan Gould replaced the cup-tied Rab Douglas in goal, while Didier Agathe was also out having played for Hibernian earlier in the competition.Celtic took the early initiative and took the lead after six minutes from an Alan Thompson free-kick.

Ramon Vega climbed above the Rangers defence to head against the crossbar after a touch from Stefan Klos’s fingertips.Our penalty also looked an innocuous challenge from where I was standing….’ Martin O’Neill’..

But Chris Sutton volleyed home from 10 yards.Henrik Larsson put Celtic two ahead after 17 minutes and it was a disaster for Rangers’ Robert Malcolm.The 20-year-old defender was a surprise choice for his first Old Firm game and slipped going for a long ball into the Rangers box.Larsson stole in to chip the ball over the advancing Klos.

Rangers rarely threatened but eventually back into the match after 36 minutes.Scott Wilson collapsed inside the Celtic box as Vega and Sutton came in from behind.It looked a soft award as the referee pointed to the spot and Albertz sent Gould the wrong way from the spot.Reyna was booked for a late challenge on Celtic’s Paul Lambert, who was then left hurt by another fair but powerful challenge from the American.

Lambert and Rangers’ Tugay were booked after an altercation as they left the field at half-time and the volatile Turk was replaced by Allan Johnston during the break.A Thompson free-kick again caused Rangers a problem and his cross found Vega eight yards out as the Swiss defender again evaded the marking of Tore Andre Flo.

But the Celtic man’s downward header bounced off the Hampden turf and over the bar.A clash of heads between Larsson and Wilson left the Rangers man with blood flowing from a head wound and the Celtic striker nursing a black eye.It was a tangle between the two that settled the tie after 67 minutes.The pair crashed to the ground as they chased a ball inside the Rangers box and referee Young pointed to the spot.

Klos was booked for protesting what looked like another dubious decision and was then sent the wrong way by Larsson from the spot.Then came those unsavoury final moments that leave three players out of Sunday’s league game between the sides.

Celtic: Gould, Boyd, Mjallby, Vega, McNamara, Lambert, Lennon, Petrov, Thompson, Larsson, Sutton.

Subs: Moravcik, Petta, Tebily, Johnson, Kharine.

Rangers: Klos, Malcolm, Wilson, Konterman, Tugay, Numan, Reyna, Ferguson, Albertz, Flo, McCann.

Subs: Ricksen, Mols, Miller, Johnston, Brown.

Referee: W Young.



Sunday, 11 February, 2001

Celtic 1-0 Rangers

Alan Thompson’s first-half goal rubber-stamped Celtic dominance over their Old Firm rivals this season and looks to have ensured that his side will lift the Scottish Premier League title.Rangers at last showed something resembling the performance expected of reigning champions as they battled for their lives with only 10 men after the break.But Celtic stretched their lead over Rangers to 12 points and over second-top Hibernian to 11.Rangers paid for a first half in which they were totally outplayed, allowed Thompson to score and had Fernando Ricksen sent off.

Celtic made three changes from the side that beat Rangers 3-1 in the CIS Insurance Cup semi-final on Wednesday.The cup-tied Robert Douglas and Didier Agathe returned at the expense of Jonathan Gould and the suspended Stilian Petrov, while Bobby Petta replaced the injured Jackie McNamara.Rangers brought in Kenny Miller and Ricksen as they dug deep into resources stretched by suspension and injury.But it was Celtic who had the ball in the net as early as the eighth minute.From the home side’s first corner, Ramon Vega headed home only to be pulled up for a foul.

Ricksen was booked two minutes later for a late tackle on Thompson.Larsson then sent an overhead kick a couple of feet over.Those three incidents were indications of a nervousness and disarray in the Rangers defence that was finally exploited after 16 minutes.Larsson won a header against Scott Wilson and Chris Sutton played it neatly back into his strike partner’s path.The Swede’s attempted shot deflected off Jorg Albertz and into the path of Thompson unmarked 12 yards out.The English midfielder slotted the ball wide of the exposed Stefan Klos for the crucial goal.

Rangers’ only attempt of the first half arrived two minutes later.But a head flick by Albertz from a Neil McCann corner flew well over.The nervous moments continued at the back for Rangers and Paul Lambert just could not put enough of a lift on his shot after Konterman forced Klos into a hurried clearance with a bad back-pass.It looked all over for Rangers a minute before the break.Ricksen had already lived dangerously with a couple of challenges.When he floored Tom Boyd with another late tackle, referee Hugh Dallas had no option but to show the Dutch full-back a second yellow card.

Rangers brought on midfielder Tugay for striker Miller at half-time.The Turk helped set up the champions’ best chance yet, a 20-yard drive from Albertz flying a couple of yards over.Tore Andre Flo broke clear and set up Albertz on the edge of the box and the German’s low drive from the edge of the box forced Douglas into his first save of the match.Rangers came close to equalising after 63 minutes.Douglas flapped at an Albertz corner and Konterman’s shot from the edge of the box was first touched by the goalkeeper’s outstretched hand then headed off the line by Agathe.Celtic were sitting back but should have killed Rangers off on the break after 70 minutes.

Larsson found Thompson in the clear, but this time the midfielder powered his 18-yard drive yards over.Rangers had claims for a late penalty waved aside after Sutton appeared to hold back Flo inside the box.
Celtic: Douglas, Boyd, Mjallby, Vega, Agathe, Thompson, Lambert, Lennon, Petta, Larsson, Sutton.

Subs: Gould, Tebily, Johnson, Healy, Smith.

Rangers: Klos, Konterman, Malcolm, Wilson, Ricksen, Ferguson, Albertz, McCann, Numan, Flo, Miller.

Subs: Christiansen, Tugay, Johnston, Hughes, Carson.

Referee: H Dallas.


Sunday, 29 April, 2001

Celtic crush Rangers

Rangers 0-3 Celtic

Henrik Larsson’s 50th goal of the season and two from Lubomir Moravcik put the icing on Celtic’s championship cake at Ibrox.Martin O’Neill’s team had rarely threatened the Rangers goal until Moravcik put them ahead in the 61st minute.He burst into the home side’s box onto a lay-off by Larsson and slotted coolly past Stefan Klos.Larsson completed the rout in the 87th minute after Jackie McNamara dispossessed Tugay and supplied the Swedish goal machine.He rounded the hapless Klos and tucked the ball away in front of Celtic’s ecstatic followers.

Moravcik’s first strike had breathed life into what had been a poor game notable only for a glaring first-half miss by Rod Wallace.He somehow headed wide inside the Celtic six-yard box from Arthur Numan’s cross in the 23rd minute.A typically fast and furious Old Firm encounter also saw Rangers defender Lorenzo Amoruso stretchered off in the 71st minute.Celtic substitute Shaun Maloney, on in the 67th minute, nearly made a dream Old Firm debut seven minutes from time.He found himself on the end of an Alan Thompson pass into the Rangers area but saw his close-range shot saved by Klos.

The game was O’Neill’s 50th in charge of the Parkhead outfit and gave him his 41st win. It was Rangers’ eighth defeat this season.Rangers should have been ahead at half-time, having fashioned more chances, but Celtic maintained their composure.Rangers captain Barry Ferguson was the first player to be booked on seven minutes, going in on Alan Thompson with his studs showing.Ferguson nearly put the home side ahead in the 21st minute after robbing Paul Lambert and setting off on a 40-yard run.His lofted shot from 20 yards looked to be going just wide, but Celtic keeper Rab Douglas took no chances and tipped over.

Rangers went even closer two minutes later, as Jorg Albertz set up Numan to deliver a dangerous cross into the Celtic area from the left.Wallace rose unchallenged but put his header outside the upright.His miss summed up a dismal afternoon for Rangers.

Rangers: Klos, Moore, Konterman, Amoruso, Ricksen, Ferguson, Albertz, Numan, Wallace, Flo, Dodds. Subs: Christiansen, Tugay, Wilson, Leven, Fernandes

Celtic: Douglas, Mjallby, Vega, Valgaeren, Agathe, Lennon, Lambert, Moravcik, Thompson, Johnson, Larsson. Subs: Gould, Boyd, McNamara, Healy, Maloney.

Referee: S Dougal (Scotland)


Sunday, 25 November, 2001

Celtic edge Old Firm derby

Celtic 2-1 Rangers

Celtic went ten points clear at the top of the SPL with a fortunate win over their arch-rivals.Goals from Joos Valgaeren and Henrik Larsson were enough to give the Parkhead side three valuable points.

Celtic started the game with John Hartson partnering Henrik Larsson up front, with Chris Sutton absent as his baby son recovers from illness in hospital.

Rangers manager Dick Advocaat opted to drop Fernando Ricksen from his squad altogther following his midweek dismissal against Paris Saint-Germain – although there was a suggestion that the former AZ Alkmaar player had picked up a knock.Rangers settled quickly, with Fernando Ricksen’s replacement, Maurice Ross, coming close early on, but Douglas saved comfortably.

Moments later, Stefan Klos needed to be alert to save Larsson’s long-range effort, before Lubo Moravcik joined Michael Ball in the referee’s book for a reckless tackle on Shota Arveladze.

Tore Andre Flo hit the post after 19 minutes following a slick threaded pass from Arveladze.Rangers continued to take the game to Celtic, and were almost rewarded on the half-hour mark when Douglas saved a point-blank effort from Ronald de Boer.Arthur Numan had spotted the run of De Boer and found him in the box, but the Celtic keeper was quick off his line to save the Dutchman’s shot.

Moments later,the former Dundee keeper saved weak efforts from Barry Ferguson and Flo before Lorenzo Amoruso blasted a free-kick well wide of the post.Celtic almost took the lead two minutes into the second half, but Ross’ saving challenge prevented Balde from connecting cleanly from two yards out.

Larsson broke forward moments later, but pulled his effort wide.The Parkhead side took the lead after 57 minutes when Joos Valgaeren followed up on a Balde knockdown.The Belgian international stretched to beat Numan to the ball, sending it past the stranded German keeper.

The goal came against the run of play, as the Celtic defence struggled to cope with the movement of the Rangers midfield.Celtic were awarded a penalty after 70 minutes, when Bert Konterman barged Henrik Larsson. The Swede dispatched the spot-kick to claim his 14th goal of the season.Rangers manager Dick Advocaat was embroiled in controversy as he brought on Peter Lovenkrands in a last effort to get back into the game.

Michael Ball reacted angrily to being taken off, provoking an equally volatile reaction from Advocaat before Rangers backroom staff intervened.Rangers pulled a goal back five minutes later when Caniggia and Lovenkrands combined well, resulting in the young Dane scoring from close range.As Rangers pushed for an equaliser De Boer was unlucky not to score when his effort from the edge of the box was deflected off Amoruso and out for a goal-kick.

Celtic: Douglas, Balde, Mjallby, Valgaeren, Petrov, Lennon, Lambert, Moravcik, Petta, Hartson, Larsson.

Subs: Gould, McNamara, Maloney, Thompson, Crainey.

Rangers: Klos, Ross, Amoruso, Konterman, Ball, Reyna, de Boer, Ferguson, Numan, Flo, Arveladze.

Subs: Christiansen, Caniggia, Dodds, Wilson, Lovenkrands.

Referee: S Dougal

Who remembers these classics,this was a run off games where Celtic steamrollered Rangers(deceased)1873-2012 almost to the point of utter embarresment….it was indeed a great period to be a celtic fan ………….
Six wins in a row against Rangers(deceased)1873-2012 with five over one season, it actually became a magnificent seven as we won the first league game of 2005 as well. In the space of thirteen months between April 2003 to May 2004 it was ten goals for and only two against in Celtic’s best run against Rangers(deceased)1873-2012 for over 30 years.

Game 1..Beachball Sunday at Ibrox a few days after beating Boavista to reach the UEFA Cup final. . beachball pitch invasion as the teams came out. The one thing everyone remembers about this game . As for the game itself Celtic run out comfortable 2-1 winners with goals from Thompson and Hartson. Watch out for Numan patting Thompson on the back as he runs up to score his penalty. Would have been more but Klos made one fantastic save from larsson after a great move between Agathe and Sutton.

Game 2..the first league encounter in the 2003/04 season at Ibrox. . This one is settled a minute into the 2nd half when a McNamara ball is knocked on by Hartson to Larsson and Hartson continues his run to receive the return pass. His shot takes a helpful deflection and loops over Klos into the net off the underside of the bar. This was the game where Sutton was pushed into defensive duties as injuries and suspensions had left the defence a little short.

Game 3.. was the 3-0 demolition at new year at Celtic Park. First goal is Petrov’s diving header that hits both posts before crossing the line. Craig Moore is his usual animal self and commits enough assaults to be red carded twice but somehow manages to stay on the park. Varga grabs number 2 after a Bobo knock back across goal from a corner and the icing on the cake was Thompson’s sensational 30 yard free kick into the top corner. The foul leading up to this should have seen a red for Lovenkrands. The victory was Celtic’s 18th league win on the trot and virtually secured the title despite it only being the beginning of January.

Game 4.. The game that effectively finished Rangers(deceased)1873-2012 season as a Larsson strike in the 2nd half after a penalty box scramble ended their interest in the Scottish Cup. Surprisingly it is Henrik’s first goal in this sequence of wins. Celtic completely dominated this game and it should have been 4 or 5. Agathe’s pace was devastating and you forget how fast he really was. The ability to give a defender 5 yards of a start and still overtake them. Also noticeable in this game is how wound up Thompson makes Ricksen. An early confrontation on the touchline sees Thommo place Ricksen neatly into his back pocket.



Game 5.. Beachball Sunday – the return. After the small matter of knocking Barcelona out of the UEFA Cup in the Nou Camp it’s back to Ibrox to extinguish the very small flickering flame of title ambitions that Rangers(deceased)1873-2012 still harboured. Despite the exertions of Barca an early header from Larsson settles the Celtic nerves. Moore once again gets away with an assault, this time on Pearson. Marshall continues his heroics from the Barca game with a stunning near post stop from team mate Varga before clawing a net bound Lovenkrands header away a few mins later.

In the 2nd half the calm head of Thompson picks up a loose ball in the box and takes a touch away from Klos before finding the net with his right foot shot. The 2nd time he’d scored at Ibrox with his right. Even rarer than a right foot Thompson goal is a yellow card for Moore but he does finally get one in this game. Rangers(deceased)1873-2012 do get a goal back but never look like equalising and answers on a postcard how Varga failed to score from 3 yards out. Still it didn’t matter as Celtic had win no 4 over Rangers(deceased)1873-2012 for the season.

Game 6 ..Sutton’s chip. That’s all you really need to say about this game. Celtic should have had this wrapped up long before the 92nd minute but in many ways it made victory all the sweeter. As Rangers(deceased)1873-2012 hordes were celebrating a draw Stephen Thompson chickened out of a challenge with Marshall and Celtic had a goal kick. The game was all but over and the referee was checking his watch. Rangers(deceased)1873-2012 were singing ‘We love you rangers, we do’ as they sensed they’d survived and were going home with a point and denying Celtic a clean sweep of league wins and a 6th straight win overall.

I’m sure you’ll agree some fine memories of victory over rangers deceased 1873-2012 ….HH

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VIDEO: Georgios Samaras Sends A Special Message To Young Celtic Fan Jay After Helping Greece Qualify


this was really brilliant ,,such a shame the wee fella couldnt go…but the videos were so heartwarming hh

Originally posted on Talking Baws:

You may well remember when Neil Lennon and Georgios Samaras gave a young Celtic fan who has Down’s syndrome a day to remember after the Glasgow club lifted the SPFL Premiership trophy on May 11th this year.

Jay Beatty was given Lennon’s championship medal before former striker Samaras took him from the stands and carried him around the park to the cheers of everyone inside Celtic Park.

And now the Greek striker, who’s penalty helped send Greece into the last 16 of the World Cup, has thanked the 11-year old for giving him strength with his smile and support.

By Scott MacArthur – @scottmacarthur8

Samaras, who is currently without a club, was speaking to the media in Brazil last night when he sent the following message to his special fan.

It is sure to tug at the heartstrings of everyone involved with football once again and ‘Wee Jay’, as he is known, may…

View original 48 more words

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Alcohol and Scottish Football Lethal Mix/Unless


Take a look at the picture above and tell me its a good idea to reintroduce alcohol at Scottish football stadiums,80 per cent of the fans in the picture probably take on a different persona under the influence …and this would be a recipe for disaster…the only reason clubs are thinking about this is financial gain…the results of mixing alcohol and football tribalism would take us back to the days of 1980….s

It’s ok for clubs to say they’d monitor it within the stadium …but if fans are tanked up even before they get there then whats the point….the only way id give the nod to a plan like this is if there was no alcohol in the system on entry to the stadium and a 1.. drink per person plan was in place say by a card system…. handed to the fans who would like a drink within the stadium…..

Most people i know are ok with 1 drink but ive known men and women to be tipsy after 2 or 3 ….it’s about time people realised nothings really changed since the 80s ,the old rivalries are still there football fans of opposing clubs hate each other already without adding the gunpowder and lighting the fuse,if we could trust all the fans to behave then it might work…but from experience it only takes a few hundred idiots to start a riot……………..

Is a plan really worth trying like this when we already know the outcome,i like a drink but for me personally these days getting pissed and going to the game is a waste of time and money,id much rather be able to watch the actual game and drink when im home,alcohol has no place at football if the past has taught us anything……………………………………………….

People might argue that it’s widely available at say rugby and there’s no trouble,that sport ….and the fans that follow it are a different breed to the average football ……fan…pensioners,toffs,farmers and businessmen,not the types likely to start a riot…if there had been trouble it would have already been banned there………….i see no benefit to the reintroduction of alcohol within Scottish football..

Ihope that it’s never brought back ,but sadly the powers that be are more concerned by financial gain than human life,my club celtic seem to be looking at this possibility and im worried that this could be detrimental to the clubs profile in world football..

This i can see as only being a backwards step ,so many good things have been done recently to enhance the matchday experience at paradise ,the celtic way,the introduction of wifi etc why spoil it with alcohol,with more women and children going to matches now i feel that we have to think off the impact loutish behaviour will have on these family’s,we may lose them to the game,these are my thoughts im not expecting people to agree …just to consider all the pros and cons …………….


article-2119696-118DAC70000005DC-754_634x393….return of alcohol  ….

Strict controls were introduced in 1980 after violent clashes during the Scottish Cup final at Hampden.  Q…..WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO return to this thuggery..we havent moved on….


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Deila/Collins…New Beginnings


John Collins ……
Standing areas …..
Re uniting the support ….
New away strip………
Playing Staff……

Tomorrow sees the draw for the champions league let’s see who we get and build the squad to get through the 3. Rounds of games, I find it rather ridiculous that Scotland champions have to play so many games even just to qualify, when other nations champions go straight in,it’s all designed to. Benefit the so-called big teams………………………..

The new coaching team of Ronnie Deila, John Collins and John Kennedy have a nice dynamic to it,and I can see good things ahead,Ronnie Deila has a reputation of being a forward thinking coach, while john Collins is a supreme fitness fanatic so fatigue should not be an issue for the team this season…john kennedy is a good young coach who’s worked with the younger players so he will be a good middle man for Ronnie and john in identifying young our already excellent pool of players…………………………………………………


I’m hoping the new season. Brings our support back together it’s been rather fractured last few yrs and it’s not nice seeing the support tearing each other apart, were widely known as the greatest fans in the world, this could be the season we reinforce that status,bring back the displays tifos,sound colour and passion of seasons past………………………………………………..

As i write im not sure what the status of standing areas is for the stadium,im led to believe that the first stage of the standing areas request was knocked back following a meeting with the Safety Advisory Group but celtic remain hopeful of moving forward with the proposal.the model of railed seating works very well in Germany and there’s no reason why it can’t be a success for Scotland’s champions,hopefully the issues from both parties can be sorted out before the start of the season ……………………………………………………….

25327-rail-seats-at-hamburg-folded-back-for-standing-use  safe-standing


The new away strip has been a bit off a hit with the fans i like the look as well it’s certainly different ,some of the pics below show the top off very well certainly be buying this one i tend to just buy the home tops …because the away tops tend to be a bit hit or miss ….the tartan effect is very nice and the colour is spot on …look forward to seeing the champions playing in it season 2014-15…………………………………………………………………………….

New-Celtic-Kits-Away-for-2014-15-2 New-Celtic-Kits-Away-for-2014-15-3

Celtic away kit 2014-15 New-Celtic-Kits-Away-for-2014-15-4

On the playing staff there’s not been a lot of movement so i guess the manager is doing his homework for the new season,there’s been a right few good players at the world cup inc………………….

John Brooks Defender USA…..
Joel Cambell Forward Costa Rica…
Arturo Vidal Midfielder Chile…
Mubarak Waksom midfielder Ghana….
SON Heungmin Midfielder Korea Republic…..
Jermaine Jones Midfielder USA…

That’s to name a few who have caught the eye…im sure the coaching staff like the rest of the world have been taking in some off the fabulous matches we’ve had at this summers event,in my estimation this has been the best and most exciting world cup in a long while……………………….

1906016  TOPSHOTS-FBL-WC-2014-MATCH16-RUS-KOR Joel Calmbell Costa Rica

john-brooks  FBL-WC-2014-MATCH14-GHA-USA mubarak waksow ghana

As we all settle down for the draw tomorrow for the qualifiers for the champions league…..celtic will find out there round 1 opponents with literally only a Few weeks to go till the business begins……………

The world cup has taken us nicely through the close season and it will be good to get back to paradise to see the champions play ,lets hope the new management team get off to a good start …my hope is for celtic dominance for many yrs to come ,and if that means Ronnie Deila the gaffer goes commando again so be it hahahahaha….hh…………………….





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World Cup Report 2



So much for keeping this world cup report updated every few days ,its flew by and who would have thought we would have lost both Spain and England,both underperformed and both deserved to go in my opinion …

ive never been so disappointed in a Spanish side their time has obviously come after 2 euro championships and 1 world cup …England well what can i say two 2-1 defeats at the hands of Italy and Uruguay put paid to their tournament….

the slim hope they had that italy would beat costa Rica and Uruguay went on friday night when Costa Rica shocked italy 1-0 so England have nothing to play for and will be heading home with Spain and Australia to name a few…..

what i will say is this world cup has been bloody marvelous apart from 1 game the Nigeria v Iran game which was boring and nearly put me to sleep….

Ghana ,Costa Rica ,Chile have lit up this world cup never mind Brazil and Holland….,Mexico deserve a mention too..theve been a breath of fresh air… ,i started out only wanting Belgium to do well and i was supporting them,but now there’s so many teams i want to see do well over the usual suspects…

at the start and the build up to this world cup there was a lot of negativity about Brazil holding the tournament but that’s been blown away with the sheer open football,it’s a pity we have to wait 4 yrs to see a world tournament like this…

we move into the midway point of week 2 and the groups are taking shape,the Germans and French are looking good and the Dutch are always a danger,Brazil are taking the slow approach,i still say id love one of the pretenders to come through and do well but based on what ive saw its either going to be France or Brazil who will be the eventual winners…. STANDINGS

Thursday, 12 June

Friday, 13 June

Saturday, 14 June

Sunday, 15 June

Monday, 16 June

Tuesday, 17 June

Wednesday, 18 June

Thursday, 19 June

Friday, 20 June

Saturday, 21 June


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World Cup Report 1


Well the greatest show on earth got under way on Thursday evening with a 3-1 win for brazil against a good Croatia side, there wasnt entirely the flair and style of a brazil …off old but enough desire within their ranks to suggest they will go far in their home tournament,…….. neymar seems to revel in playing for his country and could be the home nations talisman, he scored 2 goals in the game,one a penalty….
Croatia and Brazil are my pics to progress from this group…so Croatia will see the games against Cameroon and Mexico as their platform to the second phase, Cameroon v Mexico seen the south Americans win 1-0 with a goal from peralta…..the game was played in something of a tropical storm but the 2 teams still managed to entertain the watching crowd….
already from 2 games it was clear that this was going to be a good world cup for the watching millions…the best was yet to come though as we would find out on Friday evening in the 8 pm kick off between spain and holland …many would have expected the spanish to win this game but holland quite simply blew them away in a fine second half display …
1-1 at half time a Alonso penalty for spain and a simply fantastic van persie diving header for holland levelled the scores on 44 mins ,whatever van gal said to his dutch squad at half time must have been very uplifting because they were a class above the Spaniards,4 more goals were to breach the spanish net ,and to be fair there were other chances that if the dutch had taken it would have been a lot more embarrassing than it turned out,van persie scored his second on 72 mins ,while robben got his brace on 53 and 80 vrij scored on 64 mins,all but 1 off the goals was top class and if this is the sort of finishing holland posses the rest of the teams had better beware…..
The only game of the 4 i havent seen is the chile 3-1 australia game ,the fact chile got off to a winning start can’t be good news for spain………… and their game will now have a very significant edge to it……so far from 4 games id say the entertainment value has been very good…england play their first game tonight at 11 pm against italy and they will be hoping to start their world cup with a positive result against the italians…..FIFA-World-Cup-2014-Groups-Download-Football-FIFA-World-Cup-2014


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Ronny Deila’Welcome’HH

celticu-uus-peatreener-ronny-deila-68831677 Ronny-Deila

1252040-27032198-2560-1440 _75343783_deilaprespic

Id like to welcome the new boss Ronny deila to our great club ,many would have been wondering who the guy is and off course i was no different ,i believe he has to be given the chance to introduce his brand off football………,all the reports i hear about the guy are he is an attack minded coach………..,in my eyes this is the celtic way and if Ronny delia is the man to bring back this style of football so be it………,having listened to him talk he sounds very knowledgable about the game ….

he s succeeded Neil Lennon a manager who a lot of celtic fans had reservations about …look how that turned out Lenny was brilliant and he took us as far as he felt was capable,Neil Lennon actually had input in the appointment and at one stage was looking at Ronny deila as a replacement to the departing Johan mjallby….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The timing of this appointment comes at an ideal time for the new manager as he can access the squad and identify weak spots before the champions league qualifiers..also he will be working on bringing in his backroom staff …celtic should be applauded for this appointment it could turn out to be the start of something very special,only time will tell …………

Ronny deila also seems to like bringing through youth players and developing them ,as we all know celtic have a fine academy and some really talented players on the books…

Whoever got the job was always going to be under pressure to continue Neil lennons thunder charge………. ,i think possibly Ronny can take us to the next few titles and beyond,of course it will be europe where he really will be tested…………. ,as long as we are playing attractive attacking football il be happy just being in with the big boys………..,european nights at parkhead are very special and the new gaffer will soon experience the parkhead roar…

its time to settle back now the new boss is in town,enjoy the world cup and look forward to the 2014-15 season,lets hope it’s another trophy laden one …………


Ronny Deila Profile…………

After leaving Viking, Deila coached Norwegian fourth-tier club Brodd briefly in 2005.
He then joined Strømsgodset in 2006 as player/assistant coach, working under head coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo until the end of the 2007 season, when Fagermo decided to move to Odd Grenland.

Sporting director Jostein Flo then promoted Deila to head coach of Strømsgodset.At this time, Deila retired as a player.

His first two seasons as head seasons saw the club struggle against relegation, but his attacking philosophy began to bear fruit as Strømsgodset started to record higher finishes in the Norwegian league.In 2010 he won the Norwegian Cup,and in 2013 he won the Norwegian Premier League with Strømsgodset, their first title in 43 years.

He was appointed manager of Scottish Premiership club Celtic on 6 June 2014. He signed a 12-month rolling contract with the club.





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